How to become the best applicant for the position

manygoodtips.com_10.07.2014_RYwP4obARdrEdWhen looking for work is important not just to want to get this job and be competent enough to accomplish it, it is important to be able to show his future boss how much you want it, and how easily you can. We’ll tell you how when applying for a job look in the eyes of the employer the ideal candidate.

1. Focus on the needs of the company rather than his

During the interview do not rush to take interest in the level of wages, benefits and other buns. First show interest to the problems and needs of the company, show interest in the success of a potential job, and then ask selfish questions.

2. Be brief but informative

Not worth for hours to grovel on the subject of why you’re the best cashier in the world. If you asked do you know how to use the cash register, just answer «Yes, I can».

The same principle is applied to the «tell us about yourself». At this stage, the employer evaluates not only what you say, but how you tell it. Tell briefly and to the point. No one cares about the story of how on a previous job after the next meeting you met at the water cooler your mother the girl of his dreams. Focus on the Essentials — what duties do you perform the skills you have, what successes achieved etc.

3. Be flexible

The last thing he wants to see the employer, that a candidate with a long list of demands and unwillingness to yield at least a few points.

4. Be inventive

You have to send a resume and cover letter as part of future work. Study all available information about the company and try to make your summary hooked you in the eyes of the employer at the stage of indirect Dating looked «perfect employee».

5. Be sincere

How much you want to get this job? She really needs you, and you do see yourself as an integral part of this company? Tell us about it! Don’t hold back.

6. Be honest, but not very

Prepare to answer questions like: «what, in your opinion, your strengths and weaknesses». And for God’s sake, forget the cliche: I am a perfectionist, I’m a workaholic. Be honest. You’re overreacting? Tell me about it. But do not overdo it in all honesty. It is better not to dumbfound the employer answer like «I’m very lazy and do not like to work.»

Keep a balance between honesty and hypocrisy.

7. Set in order your own profile in the social network

Now, almost every employer, before inviting you to interview, to surf Google on the subject of your traces in social networks. Try to make your profile in the VC destroyed all desire to get acquainted with you live.

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