How to become more creative

manygoodtips.com_14.07.2014_16mLOShJdRr53The ability to creative activity is one of the most important properties of Homo sapiens that distinguishes it from other species that inhabit our planet. Creativity, a kind of «creative vein» is in each of us. However, some dudes are better than others at being creative. What is their secret?

1. They are constantly doing something

They do not sit idly by and not expect anything of them from the sky will condescend inspiration. They are constantly in motion, always doing something. Creativity must be trained. The more approaches on the work you do, the easier it will become to tune into a creative mood further, the more the Muse will visit you.

2. They do not allow themselves to be too serious

This allows them to avoid strengthening in the shell of the established views, principles, habits and other debris, which with age acquires the consciousness of each of us. They prefer to look at the world with fresh eyes of a child, constantly ready to be surprised and to do all the new discoveries. And everything that happens to them, they are trying to perceive as a game.

3. They are interested in everything around

They use every opportunity to expand his own information field.

«You have to have horsepower to overcome someone else’s tone, sounding in my head, and write in their own way. Of course, it is necessary to know the laws of language, and theory, and predecessors. And then to forget everything and start from scratch. But who there is nothing to forget, he is an ignoramus, and not a pioneer, sometimes I think,» said once a good Russian poet.

In addition, the idea, as mentioned above, do not fall from the sky or from the roof of the nearest apartment buildings. They are born, ripen and come to light from the depths of your consciousness. An empty head is not the most fertile ground for the emergence of ideas.

4. They are patient

In the event of difficulties in the solution of creative tasks, they will never compromise with himself. They won’t use what is close at hand, if you are not sure of the correctness of this decision. They are able to tolerate the discomfort that occurs as a result hangs over them, unresolved problems, as long as need be to find the best solution.

5. They easily switch from one activity to another

Sometimes, going to a dead end in their work, the only thing you can do is switch to another activity. Creative people know that sometimes there is no sense to spend hours to wrestle with the problem. Sometimes you just need to get up and go to wash the dishes, and the solution will come by itself.

6. They are attentive to people

Communication with people is an opportunity to expand the boundaries of my own experience, to see the world from a different angle, to get interesting information and a portion of fresh emotions etc.

Most importantly, be able to listen.

7. They can get excited about anything

Creative people are able to see something beautiful even in, at first glance, a boring object or phenomenon. And their job is to show others what they see.

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