How to become more courageous

First, let’s find out — you’re not came to the training and nurture we’re not going to. Usually articles on such topics are fraught with totally subjective nonsense, which either relies on the opinion of pseudo, which are individual pink glasses of the author, and often combines a little of everything. To avoid this misunderstanding, we are going to talk about things truly great. You know them, and any test on such a subject pass at 100 percent, but…

manygoodtips.com_16.11.2016_S0EjgPfoFjvMEEvery damn time we are faced with situations in life, in the mind of the average citizen, there is a substitution of values, and we’re doing absolutely wrong. Psychology is a strange thing and to resist it is useless, and here only. You read it just to understand that you’re usually still doing well and ready to continue to follow their worldview. Otherwise, it’s time to improve. It’s a new year — time for changes!

Under courage is usually understood completely different things. It would be best to recognize that this set of qualities that should be inherent not only strong, but also the weaker sex. However, a mistake to assume that chief among these are courage and resistance — this is due to the fact that the brave soldiers are awarded by symbolic medals. No less important a victory over fear, the ability to admit defeat, the ability to go against their principles, willingness to help his sworn enemy. In the middle ages it was called the honor justice and dignity was the special feature of noble knights from the ordinary peasants.

However, as we have seen, do not have to be a fearless warrior, to call you brave. In China, a very popular legend about a warrior who came to the sage and said that courage is inherent only in him and his fighters, not weak monks. He led him into a bottomless gorge, stood on the edge, so that the heel hanging down, and bade the warrior to stand next to him. «Daredevil» only staggered back, covered with a cold sweat. «A brave man does not change, despite the blue sky, looking at the dark abyss. Because the danger is not in the abyss, it is in you,» said the sage.Perhaps this is the only quality, which remained virtually unchanged through the ages. But change things, peculiar to the courageous man. The attitude toward women, an attitude to the conflicts of the present century dictates its own rules. The pacifism of the sixties, zero tolerance and many more left an imprint on modern notions of courage, so we decided not only to count how many remember the story of the main indicators that made us in the end, man.

1. The treatment of women

manygoodtips.com_16.11.2016_ixKGk7iWx7JhNFor centuries man has treated the woman as a «human being». No wonder the ancient Greeks invented the myth of the beautiful but foolish Pandora, who opened the drawer, got out into the light all the misery and disaster. While the medieval Church and all brought women to the spawn of Satan and for a few hundred years, the Inquisition burnt at the stake tens of thousands of innocent «witches» who only worshipped pagan gods. Only the era of industrialization gave the woman a right in society, switching the channel «persecution» of blacks (for example, African American women were not lucky twice) and gays.

Of course, respect for the weaker sex has always been, mainly because of the ability to bear children and the ability to keep a home. Moreover, when relationships flow in the family, the woman had become the main value in a man’s life (though at times the key that served as her dowry, which a careless person might lose if anything). Today, despite the discrimination and struggle with it feminists, women in most countries feel quite comfortable. And a set of rules of communication with them, in connection with time trends has changed a bit. Now you do not need to remove hat and stand at the sight of women, and in the daily list of reasons to please her added another like avatars in the social network.

But back to the topic, in a relationship there are difficult times. Then comes the occasion to show your manliness that you are able to admit mistakes and ready to correct them. This, of course, about honesty. Not when she asks the standard question «am I getting fat?», and when you forgot the anniversary or purely accidentally cheated on her with her friend. A little lie always leads to the fact that sooner or later we either have to confess or to lie to big to finish. So wrote Stephen king, and we write, because there is no truth more fundamental. If you’re modest and afraid of losing the person, continuing to lie — change «modest» to «cowardice».

2. Appearance

Since ancient times, wars and medieval battles the image of a courageous person is constantly changing. This trait personified fighting qualities, and the man covered by the blood of his enemy, clearly had the right to be called «courageous». Over time the value changed a little and today to get this title, it is only necessary to make the right decisions and be fair with yourself and other people. But with regard to appropriate attire changes was much more.

In the current 21st century is already not wearing togas and armor, but elegant suits and tuxedos perfectly underline steel male character. Perhaps this is the sort of thing that should be on any man along with a set of tools and own car. And like all of the above, the suit must be chosen with an eye to the brand, the quality and reputation of the seller or salon. More old Sinatra claimed that man decorate the costume, the hat, good job and a lonely drinking on the weekends. The last item left on your hands, but suit better to sew in order to sit perfectly. The suit disavows all your courage, if not in size.

We specially conducted its investigation, made their way into the Studio of individual tailoring of men’s clothing Indever under the guise of a client, and tried to ask local experts as more adequate questions.

The costume will look the most manly?

Of course, double breasted. Of course, the double-breasted suit — less common model, but it looks more strictly. This is the option when to buy: you can sew, because such a suit can solve your problem with the figure, which was not able to solve the gym and strengthen them at the wrong landing. Thus, if you want to be seen with the best hand — see a tailor. He not only knows all about your proportions, but the proportions of the costume: what to wear pants, collar shirt and what length should be the lapels of your jacket, considering the breadth of your manly shoulders.

The distinctive double-breasted suit: it has two rows of buttons three in each row, and the floors are quite far each other. It is similar to a military uniform, that gives courage to his manly image. Courage in the square! But remember: it needs to be buttoned-up. Always.

What questions should we ask the tailor during the fitting?

Well, first we need to realize that individual tailoring is not fast. It is a joint choice of material, cut and then all of the design options in conjunction with the tailor. If you do not know, for example, is different than peaked lapels — ask. Secondly, the tailor takes measurements as he needed and as he sees fit precisely on your figure. It is difficult to understand, what exactly do you feel when you are silent. If you pressure tell me or clarify if you can play football in the yard with this suit on, if you came here just for that. You have to trust the tailor yourself, otherwise stitching the suit will not make any sense.

But I have to ask the tailor during the fitting?

«On which side will fold your eggs, sir?». By the way, this issue will continue to avoid the bubble in the area between the legs.

However, if no match again, then no jacket will not help. French Director and writer Romain Gary believed that many people today confuse the concept. One thing masculinity and the other ambitions of the male, disease, widespread for thousands of years of domination, ambition and fear to lose. Most importantly, you should remember one thing: courage does not go side by side with the extremes and rigid principles. It is the destiny of the weak and ill people. Learn to balance, to find equilibrium solution, to understand and respect the interests of other people. That’s the winning strategy.

3. Conflict and the ability to stand up for themselves

manygoodtips.com_16.11.2016_ltYqrHrfnRhvsA time when all the decisive force are long gone. We’re not barbarians, and a new iPhone proof. When conflict is inevitable, in your power to transfer him in the right direction and to decide whether it is fight or just an argument. And then, and then — the two faces of masculinity, but there is your note under the asterisk. The truth, of course, is born in dispute, but only in a reasoned and low tones. Perfect examples can be seen in the TV series the Newsroom by Aaron Sorkin, where the characters filigree lead required arguments (not always, but often) without any battering. To learn this, it will be tough if you’re on your own and a recluse to practice with someone, but on the instructions no money.

For the basic level can work out with «Cortana» (Yes, seriously), then go to anonymous chats, and if you have a smart enough friend, then immediately start with her pre-determining neutral topics for communication, or close to a divorce at best. Courage here is not to bring human to rabies, hysteria and not to get personal, and to convey to him their thoughts or to explain the situation — he let him call if he wants to. In General, it is better to remember of Oliver Holmes and his famous: «Controversy equalizes wise and fools — and the fools know it.»

Of course, you should be able to stand up for themselves, but in the case of the fight gets a little more difficult depending on the situation. The gate dictates the rules, and all you have to know only one thing — run, even if you are able to answer a couple of strokes. Yard battle is a thing dishonest, and the opponent, nothing prevents to get a knife and instantly change the balance of power. Don’t need to fight for the girl, if opponents, at least three, and no one is around. Run both — let your friend thinks he wants, but will remain alive. It is not cowardice or an attempt to avoid responsibility, but only the desire to live. If the balance of teams is quite equivalent, and attempt to resolve the conflict have exhausted succinct «Yes, we are the drum», the cards in your hands — do protect honor. Most importantly, do not overdo it, do not disgrace in case of victory — karma effective thing that would say there is not.

4. Career growth

manygoodtips.com_16.11.2016_duIDxy4T4pYZFWhat can I say — without difficulty any stringent need. But despite the fact that tell us our ancestors, ordinary courage lies not in the fact that, with clenched teeth, to a profession that you don’t like, but will bring a lot of money. Yes, in the world there are a huge number of people who were disappointed in his calling almost since graduation. And the more valuable a person’s ability to find the courage to say to yourself — it’s not mine, you need to look any further. Of course, life is fleeting, in search yourself desirable to spend as little time as possible, but it is always there. And you can always roll with the trail and go where you think you will be happy.

We can find many examples of how ordinary accountant was a famous actor and a seasoned vet — the famous writer-novelist. But why are you doing this? We are talking about your life, and draw more, so don’t waste it on something that makes you unhappy. More than surely you do not expect mountains of gold, if you suddenly decide to change careers, but if you have already decided on such a thing — the money you just don’t care about (at least not so much).

And here we do not agitate that you are here right now took off and went on to study cooking courses, as long ago dreamed of becoming a chef. It is only about a controversial situation when you have to make a willful decision. This applies not only to work, but only a courageous person is able to put a rational goal and follow it whatever it was. The only way builds character and spirit.

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