How to become more attractive to women

When women are asked what attracts them in men, they usually begin speech about power and how a man should not be afraid of commitment. Yeah, okay, let’s say. In General, in addition to these moral things there is a physical attraction, which things are not so complicated. And if you develop responsibility should be long and tedious, you become more attractive to girlfriends in the physical plane much faster and easier. Let’s deal.

10. Get rid of too luxuriant vegetation on the body

how to become more attractive

Research conducted in New Zealand and California, during which women were shown pictures of men with different vegetation on the body, showed that friends prefer those guys who have body hair less. The attractiveness of a man is inversely proportional to its hairiness. To look more attractive in the night after an important date, think about how to remove hair by laser or waxing – and don’t think that this is only for girls.

How much time it takes: 10 minutes (or more if you’re hairy).

9. Looks brooding, and you are waiting for a serious relationship

how to become more attractive

In one study, women were asked to rate the men’s photos from just sexually attractive to those with whom they would start a serious relationship. Interestingly, the rating started brooding, and grim men and ended smiling. So if you’re looking for a light adventure, look more serious.

How much time will it take: a few minutes of thoughts – and now you are brooding.

8. Get rid of unpleasant breath

how to become more attractive

In General, the best way to know a person to speak with him. But if during the conversation it turns out that your companion carries a bow, to continue the conversation do not want to. Use mouthwash or chewing gum after a meal. Don’t be lazy because your breath is what it depends on, are you gonna spend this night alone or in pleasant company.

How much time will it take: 45 seconds.

7. Wear stiletto inch heel

how to become more attractive

Let all your friends and say that they are primarily interested in the identity of the person, they still prefer those who are higher than their growth. This does not mean that you have to be a professional basketball player to enjoy success with women. Just focus on the friends who somewhere inches below you. You can even easier, to buy himself shoes inch heel. It seems to be a trifle, but nice.

How much time it takes: five seconds (not taking into account the time that will be spent on buying shoes).

6. Stand up straight

how to become more attractive

Women choose tall men, but those who have good posture. In the back there are even a few advantages: first, if you stand straight, you look taller. Second, good posture makes you more confident and dominant species. Besides, the more you have to communicate.

How much time will it take: a second.

5. Work on your chin

how to become more attractive

Women prefer men with a well defined chin. Scientists suggest that this is due to the notion that men with this facial structure seem to be friends more than strong, hardy, healthy, and therefore suitable for procreation. For those who have a small chin, we recommend you to grow a beard to emphasize his line. In addition, you can even grow a beard, which will close small chin, and give volume to the lower face.

How much time will it take: a few weeks depending on how quickly your hair grows.

4. Shave symmetrically

how to become more attractive

Studies show that women are attracted to symmetrical faces. To achieve symmetry, shave carefully, experiment. Particularly great field for experimentation opens those dudes who wears a moustache and beard.

How much time it takes: 10 minutes.

3. Create a V-shaped silhouette with the help of clothes

how to become more attractive

Scientists dudes know that women are attracted to a V-shaped silhouette. In a perfect V-shaped body, the ratio of waist to hip size is 0.9—1.0, and the ratio of chest to waist is about 1.33. To achieve these proportions in the long run, will help you exercise and to save the situation here and now, you need the right clothes. To make your shoulders visually seem wider fork for a few well-tailored blazers and not get out of them. Another option – Longsleeves with V-neck, not too tightly attached to the body.

How much time will it take: 5 seconds.

2. Do not overdo it with Cologne

how to become more attractive

Smell plays a big role in how you will like the woman or not. Studies have shown that women use the sense of smell to determine how much man differs from them on the genetic level (accordingly, the greater the difference, the more attractive the man). The trick is that your natural smell is not completely interrupted perfume: otherwise you risk losing the woman with whom you are most compatible. So use Cologne carefully.

How much time will it take: a couple seconds.

1. Practice

how to become more attractive

If you’re interested in success with the opposite sex, it’s time to go to the gym, because for light relationships women choose beefy guys. Fortunately, if you practice regularly, there is nothing impossible. Be careful not to overdo it: studies have shown that women are just like guys in shape, not pumped monsters.

How much time it takes: an hour or so, but every day.

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