How to become men

manygoodtips.com_13.05.2016_tvSEVTOqLtEnfA young, motivated kid thinks about three things: about women, about how to make money, and how to become a real man. If the first two things to understand is much easier than it may at first sight seem that the conversion to a real man is much more difficult. Some people believed and continue to believe that it is not enough to provide for his family and serve in the army, you need to be tested and dangerous rituals to everything, not just your mom, believe in your masculinity. Chance to stay alive after some of the rites is roughly 50: 50, because the fate determined by the gods, and if they are fond of you, you have nothing to fear, because every society needs a normal guy and not some macho. Therefore, the test freezes the scruff and shake the legs of even the most repulsed members of society.

Australia is, as my teacher, «Terra Incognita» (all the sound is transferred exactly). The local aborigines tens of thousands of years lived in isolation, virtually without changing the culture. Rather, their rituals for thousands of years and has not changed.

Australia is a large continent and why different tribes rituals vary, but there are common schemes. So no to something innocent to take these bastards did obsidianrealms circumcision and the knocking out a front tooth. The foreskin, by the way, it is recommended to eat. In any case, the tribe strongly recommends mardudjara.Someone goes even further: in addition to circumcision makes deep and painful dissection member. Such a wound represented the vagina and the blood that comes from her, consequently, menstruation. Fair aborigines just want equality. Here women, for example, have a vagina and clitoris – a small nedopekin, and a man’s penis. One little cut – and justice is done! Even urinating a true Australian aborigine will be squatting like a true lady.

Australians do love to trim and prune. Half of the rituals is somehow connected with the cutting off of certain organs. All this represents the harsh life of a hunter is full of challenges, and the spirits who watch over the initiation, showed them mercy. Rejoice that the long knife of the shaman did not cut off the excess.

By the way, directly to the ritual the young man needs a year and a half to live in an alien tribe on a strict diet in the most improbable circumstances. All it may take longer if you forget about it, and all for the sake of you knocked out a tooth, pochitali the phallus, and the shaman in your background began to boast that can fly into space.

manygoodtips.com_13.05.2016_eQJWo9abfNPmHJust to the North of Australia is a mysterious and terrible descendants Maclay state of Papua New Guinea. There the tribes and their laws, often borders on idiocy. With 1000 cultural groups, is in this not big piece of land, especially distinguished two tribes: the Sepik and Sambia region. The Sepik, for example, consider crocodiles sacred beings and believe that associated with sharp-toothed creatures spiritually. But this is not enough, it would be nice to be like amphibians and bodily. For this purpose the unfortunate children with razor the older members of the tribes again and again cut off the skin. «What are you, stupid? He’s hurt!» – shouted the photographer, European, depicting this murderous process on the camera. And they don’t care if it’s loud scream can slash with a razor at my throat. After the end of bullying on a broad aboriginal back appear strange patterns resembling crocodile scales. To complete the ritual elders roll in on the cuts the ashes, and when the ceremony is over, the boys are declared men. The only catch for this ritual you need to pay. Apparently, close contact with civilizations totally ruined the glorious Papuans, even in a primitive society without money will not be a real man.

But the Sambia tribe has gone even further in their bloodlust. Papuans correctly guessed that to delay the initiation of men in the world, where a group of «Electrophoresis» is considered a masterpiece, and the pants are bought with deliberately long legs to be able to roll, it is very dangerous. Therefore, the process starts at the age of 7 years old when the kid taken away from his mother.

The rest of the time he will spend surrounded by men, and even will walk those trails, which go only to men (women – individual).

And then the most fun. The guy to shove his nose pointed stick, and when the nose bleeds, the elders with the ceremonial battle Creek proceed to the next part of the ballet Marlezonskogo: boy beaten and insulted by bad words, strengthening his character and preparing for life warrior. In principle, any guy in the proletarian district have passed this stage, but instead of shamans was Gopnik and lack of understanding of what is happening.

You thought it was full of… Well, you know? So, get ready, then begins the hottest boy before the end of the ritual drink «man milk». I hope to explain from where it derives, is not necessary. Just the elders believe that the sexual dignity of a boy born all wrinkled and helpless, and in order to infuse in him the strength you need to eat the sperm of adult men. Elena Piskun would have approved.

Generally people have a strange craving for cum. So, they believe that the male seed does the guy cleaner and healthier, but not in the same quantities. Padawan, everything else, should be alone in the woods with unmarried young men and to satisfy them orally. As they say, thanks for not anal.

manygoodtips.com_13.05.2016_WvAi19chPqmlyAt the age of 13 years the young man enters puberty and begins the next stage of initiation. There is another ritual bloodletting from the nose along with beating. The boy is considered Mature bachelor and will now provide the «man milk» the boys that have just entered the path of maturity. Finally the man he becomes after the birth of first child, and before that he needs to marry and have sexual intercourse with his wife. Unknown the smell of the private parts sambisa women, but apparently not very well, otherwise why future men clog the nostrils with peppermint leaves, and after its «black business» bathed in mud to wash away all the filth and dirt of the sexual contact.

Compared to them live here on the island, Papuans from the tribe of adequate motousa look good. Nobody knows what happened Papuans with women, but they are also not particularly favor. Mateus and does believe that being a man the guy needs to be cleansed of disgusting, dirty and damaging to his honour the blood of the mother. How? With the phlebotomy course.

Elder inserts in the throat dedicate the reed tube, so that they began to vomit blood. Then bad blood and the mucus expelled from the nose to the same inhumane method – pushing the stick into all the holes. Those who think during the execution of the hellish ritual can not be men and become outcasts. It is believed that their eggs are not strong enough for such a procedure, and so marriage to them is strictly prohibited.

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