How to become famous with the help of smart cars from Google

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Many have been tired of cars Google Street View, which go for yourself, shoot it yourself, to office workers instead of work looked at that shot of the smart machine. But sometimes they catch their lenses that hardly needed to catch.

Anyone but some suspicious persons, don’t like what someone is interfering in their sex life, even if it’s soulless cars Google Street View. Once one pair in Australia wanted to extreme, and they had sex right on the hood of the car, doggie-style. And then out of nowhere, as always, suddenly, appears the famous machine which, of course, removes. Girl waving machine by hand, and the guy is not distracted from the process and drinking beer. Ay-ay-ay, man, and like to sit behind the wheel drunk?

Now these guys are heroes of the Internet, and they did a lot of photojob. And they still to the sex therapist to walk you never thought of?

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