How to become eloquent and upgrade public speaking skills?



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Question: how to become eloquent and upgrade public speaking skills? With delight I read the correspondence of the gentry of the 19th century and the horror as you want to be like them in the style of communication. But the trouble is, despite the fact that quite a lot of reading, did not come to me the ability to speak beautifully.

Understand that it often happens when you need to concisely and concretely Express their thoughts, but very much want to be different from the inhabitant of often meaningless and full of loan words speech.

I think the question for many current. Help Board. Thank you.

The answer

Long thought, whether to take your question or not. The fact that we have told enough about the oratorical art, art of public speaking and the rules of the Russian language. But your question was of interest to us with reference to the nobility of the XIX century. And it’s a big coincidence because a few days ago I read a book about etiquette of the nineteenth century, which was written in the Russian Empire in 1889. If you’re interested, then type in the search engine «Rules of social life and etiquette. Good tone». The book is a collection of advice, written in old Russian grammar. A very useful book for the modern man, by the way, but even in her essence is not likely to language and to actions, way of thinking.

For example, it was a very interesting passage about embezzlement of the money of the rich nobles (by the way, the aristocrats were debtors, not rich — rich was, above all, merchants), who talked about the fact that a hundred thousand rubles spent by the rich on the development of production of any factory is much more correct than waste these same one hundred thousand rubles for a treat my friends. God, why are these books not read our ruling class! In General, you understand — the time you idealize, is a another universe, that our reality has almost nothing to do. But back to the point, and we have already put to you about etiquette and you’re more specific — give you information about eloquence, and so we offer to you, sir.

Let’s start with the destruction of the myth — if you start talking like a nineteenth century nobleman, you’re not convincing, but funny. You’d be such an alien character, very comical and funny. Seriously you will not, this means that the speaker you get scarce. Since we live in the XXI century, you accept the rules of the game. You have done that read a lot of literature — it expands your vocabulary. And reading, as a rule, is the Foundation for any, sharp-tongued personality. But since you’re reading does not help, the problem I think lies not in meager vocabulary, and, perhaps, in your nerves.

Do not take offense at this assumption — it is dictated by experience. When a person is anxious, he has three ways of solving the language problem: the first way involves a «loss of voice» and a century of silence, you begin to speak sharp pieces and your speech seems very psychopathic; the second way is the opposite — you talk without end, do not have time to consider the proposals, say many unnecessary words, and because you look crazy on speed; and the third way, which means full control over emotions. If you know how to control them, you will be able to link words into sentences, and sentences in a persuasive text. But your mind should be cold, as the flash cannon Mr. freeze.

But even if you know how to deal with emotions, then you will, without a doubt, you need to get rid of the excess baggage of words that you so carefully remembered all these years. Must have seen in movies, as the crew of any aircraft gets rid of the excess baggage to take off. Here as well. Good and pleasant it always uses the literary word — not professional jargon, slang is not (in rare exceptions), namely, the literary word, the meaning of which everyone knows. If you begin to speak in archaisms, you’ll impress the eccentric kid, if you curse every other word, then people will think you’re cattle, even if you’re a Professor of mathematical Sciences.

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