How to become better in the new year

To begin to change for the better, just need to start something to do. You can say that is already quite good and change you don’t need. In this case we say that should restrain its CDA. There is no limit to perfection, knowledge and health. Moreover, these things tends to deteriorate and need to be maintained. So here’s a few useful programs which you can use sequentially or simultaneously engage in the new year to become a little better.

Self-education for business

What distinguishes businessmen and entrepreneurs from other people? They know a lot, they are actively developing themselves in the field, and they will never say that their bar of knowledge and development achieved. And the farther they go, the higher the bar rises. Regardless of if you’re ready to be a salaried worker or want to create a business, you need a very good Internet resource «Corporate management». This website is a real storehouse of useful information. The project has a free library — a collection of thousands of materials, techniques, articles, lectures and textbooks on various topics ranging from managing people to venture investments, financial mathematics and a collection of business plans of real companies and projects.

There are paid sections, where you can find courses, marketing research and software. For example, you can take a course, created in conjunction with CFA Institute, which is considered one of the most prestigious in the world of Finance and gain valuable knowledge, accompanied by a certificate of the Institute. The project gives the opportunity to receive deals on training, to learn about free events, workshops and other helpful events. In our opinion, «Corporate management» is the place from which you can start (or continue) your journey into the world of business, investment and relevant knowledge, for which some are willing to sell your soul.

Learn English

Won’t tell you about the importance of knowledge of English — you already many times heard it all. We can only say that when you know it, your world will be a 40 to 50 times more. Ranging from TV shows, people, and ending with training, work and, of course, the Internet. Approach to the study should be comprehensive, interesting and productive. All of this you can find on the project The guys have created an incredible platform for language learning. The main feature is videopussy and TV shows with dual subtitles.

The first method makes it possible to view videootryvke and fold, like puzzles, heard the phrase. Second — watch your favorite TV shows with subtitles in two languages. You can see translations of words and add them to the dictionary for further memorizing is very convenient. Of course, it is possible to begin to take the programs of different levels — if you are a beginner then you will hold on grammar and audioasylum. As you know, the service will allow not only to learn English but also to learn to understand it by ear. This will help you a lot of additional tools: dictionaries, tests and a lot of games. You can also take courses at the author’s method Techera. You will lessons, exercises and exams — this training is designed so that everything is stored by itself. In General, Puzzle-english is a unique project which has no analogues, and one of the best choices for learning English.

To find a new job or a promising internship

Why look for a new job, even if you’re already an engaged citizen? Primarily because changing jobs provides an opportunity to expand your horizons, meet new people and generally shake the body. If you have no serious reason to stay at your current job, then this is an indication that you can change. Serious reasons not to do this, maybe three: a huge salary, love what you do, or if you do you can not do anything at all. Most people want to keep their jobs and, in some cases it is justified. But if you’re young, before you open thousands of ways and pass as much as possible. Who knows what you’ll find on one of them?

How to look for work? Can try to connect directly with managers and responsible for a staff of people, bypassing HR, but only if you are sure this is what you need. The classic version is to make a good summary and send many jobs that you liked it. As a convenient springboard, we recommend to use service «the City Works» — a reasonable and convenient search engine positions. You can find overviews labor market, employers ‘ ratings, statistics, query, survey, research, and recommendations for employment — here is everything you need to find interesting and, most importantly, profitable work.

To begin to eat properly

You probably heard of people and not so venerable age that now food has become much worse than it was before. Perhaps it is because of the need to feed 7 billion mouths to feed, and manufacturers go for various tricks, often negative for us to provide food for all of humanity. Approval of GM foods could solve this problem, but the public is hindered, and we continue to eat chemicals.

The benefit appeared health food shops, such as Diamartwhose products are clean from chemicals and different harmful additives. One of the interesting ideas that promotes the store, is that the most useful foods that historically were used by our ancestors. And if we talk about large time scale man thousands of years used the normal clean food and the last century caused enormous damage in this regard. Therefore, in Diamante are sold exclusively pure products created by nature itself. You’ll find baked goods, cereals, beverages, drying and many other useful and natural food. For each of the items in this detailed description, composition and useful properties. There is even an encyclopedia of products, where you can learn about them everything you need. In conclusion, I want to say that the difference in taste you will taste and smell after a couple of months you will notice a positive change in the body, but for the year just transformed so that the mother does not know.

To deal with the finances

The harder the situation, the worse we all have in the financial plan. And all the more reason to come to the allocation of their budget intelligently. We tend to overestimate their ability and hope for the best, which sometimes leads to negative consequences. This is a basic error, which may result in a situation where you are left without a penny in his pocket. So the question of financial planning is to be pessimistic and calculating, sober assessment of your expenses and income. Especially in case of different loans, mortgages and deposits. As a rule, the use of these services requires a long-term work with them, and in this case it is important to make the right choice. A good helper in this problem may be the service you will

His goal is to give you the opportunity to find the best deals among banks, pension funds and insurance companies. For example, you’re planning to take a mortgage offers in the market hundreds, but to select the best option that you have to spend a lot of time. So on the service website will make it much easier and faster, since the system presents a huge number of banks, each of which can be seen detailed descriptions of the terms, rates and commissions and to calculate basic indicators of costs and fees. The same applies to deposits, loans and insurance. In the system you can watch the ranking of banks, insurance companies and their offers based on user ratings. If the prospect to deal with thousands of proposals have led you to the horror, the service will everything becomes simple and transparent, since the system is built in the most convenient and compare offers from financial institutions very easily.

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