How to become an interesting person

Sometimes in conversation with people, one cannot fail to notice the glassy gaze of the interlocutor, which clearly shows that he would not give a damn what you say to him, and to quickly get rid of you, he pretends that he is someone calls, and leaves. It’s a shame. But the source did not his fault that you’re so boring and not interesting, the blame on you.

If nature deprived you charisma, have the most to work on that.

Develop new skills

manygoodtips.com_14.10.2016_cSAbshCwDU4wrMake sure that other people think you’re interesting. This will make you feel useful in any situation. Therefore, start developing any skills. No matter what you are interested in: courses of cutting and sewing or NLP.

Thus there will always be someone who will need you, the man is transgender, which is shy of going to a women’s clothing store and wants you to sew him a dress, or the businessman who needed understand the psychology of people.

Manifestations thirst for knowledge

When you’re quoting someone else’s opinion, it is of interest to you drops dramatically. Why communicate with someone who repeats the text of some famous books, the voice of the boring dogmas, etc., You yourself would be interested with someone who simply repeats your words? Much more interesting to communicate with someone who seeks and generates new ideas, shares her unique experience. Such people are drawn, such people are a seething crowd of revolutionaries. Therefore, reading even a person as Slavoj žižek, try to think about every word, not to shout that he’s a genius. Try to explain and Express read your language.

Tell a good story

What is the use of information and the experience if you can’t share them with others?

So you need to become a storyteller, to make even the most boring story interesting to the interlocutor. Pay attention to the most popular and popular people always have clowns and Joker, who manage to transform an ordinary story of the campaign for bread in fascinating history. Do not have to lie and come up with ridiculous heresy about the dragons and the asparagus — everything you need, detailed in a separate article.

By the way, Amateurs undertake unnecessary studies conducted is the one which found out that women love males who know how beautiful and interesting to say. Indeed, very suitable for life skills.

Perhaps you have zakolosilis the seed of doubt, and you, remembering his inarticulate and lack of imagination, has decided to leave the talent for later. Take your time, enough to have 3 stories on all occasions. Let this be a real event or a fucking anecdote from «the Town» with their own interpretation, as long as it was not the fact of the prehistoric frescoes of the Chinese Qin dynasty, written by an ancient philosopher Fu Accordion. So craft each story, adding to it his own and rehearse like a real sandpaper before the performance. However, all this is written in the link above.

Listen and develop empathy

This idea was popularized by Dale Carnegie in 1936 after his bestseller «How to win friends and influence people». He wrote: «You can make more friends in two months by taking an interest in other people than in two years trying to get other people interested in you.»

So listen to others carefully take their concerns with some empathy, to understand their motives and actions. Few of us are really good at this — the egoism gets to understand the human problems, but when a man meets a sincere and interested interlocutor, involuntarily treat him with more respect than simple acquaintance or friend. After all, we all, in fact, weak creatures, and need a person who could understand and accept.

Good questions to Ask

manygoodtips.com_14.10.2016_TkcLUoeb0KPVPAt the party, even if subdued to a condition known as «people in the plot of the film» try not to talk too much about yourself, even if you really want to be remembered. Much better to tighten the interlocutor into a deep conversation about their way of life.

Ask, as needed, of course, about their priorities, find out what people live and so on. Try to listen to the answers and not to ask for a tick, then just as carefully, to discuss heard, without trying to offend people. By the end of the evening you will be remembered as one of the most interesting people that ever met on their way.

Don’t be shy to ask simple, at first glance, the question and don’t try to look like a know-it-all, otherwise your ignorance will come out.

Say what you think

With people who do not Express an opinion very boring, even though it does not coincide with other points of view. But you’ll remember thanks to your solid position.

And instead of learning tons of obscure topics, lean on what I know and what I understand. Then there will be awkward pauses, confusion, and other uncomfortable moments. Although, of course, is to avoid those awkward moments when everyone is talking about the zucchini, and you begin about the boots.

Many read

Books develop thinking, increase vocabulary and add to the knowledge. It is absolutely an irrefutable fact, so it’s hard to find a field in which reading was not useful.

In addition, they can replace teachers, traveling and even education Institute. It is not necessary to travel around the world to know how live on the other side of the world. The book is the door to other, even distant worlds.

By the way, interesting fact: people who read a lot of science fiction, to better understand and sympathize with others.

Not limited to only books. Various blogs, online journals, articles is also useful to read. Another thing is that some of them read the perfect heresy.

Don’t hide a sense of humor

Tell me, who would you prefer to communicate: with a dull boring person in all spheres of life, or funny and witty, not vypyachivalis your knowledge out patient? It seems that the answer is obvious. So what do the findings: a sense of humor has a better than even promise to provide an interest-free loan. In addition, for wit you need at least some presence of the brain, which means you are automatically added to the ranks of the intelligent and reasonable.

Spending time with interesting people

A huge influence on your persona has your environment. If you’re in the company of a boring, unhappy, or overly serious people, it is likely that it will soon become as bad as they are. So try to choose the one interesting company that is close to you yourself (among some nerds comfortable), and ideally is able to make you better. And while you’re turning in a company that doesn’t appreciate you, you are simply degraded. You know yourself, when and who’s a bad influence, isn’t it?

So challenge yourself and others, look for «their» people, because everyone has «zvizdatye the person» with whom to communicate well, to hang out, share a worldview and Outlook on life. Guarantee that you’ll find people that are interesting to you and interested in you, almost 100%, just need to look.

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