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Hello! Not so long ago, I read a lot of your articles and think about their behavior and what it is called. In the end I decided that I was one unpleasant quality that I want to fight and win. This lack of independence. Dear editors, please help me in this serious question: how is it to become independent and solve all of life’s pit on your own? Thank you very much.)


Hey, dude! I decided to answer your question, because I myself for a long time he bother. So if you don’t mind, I will draw on personal experience. By the way, thank you for reading our articles, you draw Parallels with your life. So, we are not writing in vain.

Most importantly, at least you know and admit your dependency. So you’re not an immature teenager, which is always everything will be resolved by the parents. At least I would hope so. So, the main thing now — get a hold of this idea. And then a week later you forget about it and say that you have no responsibilities and are therefore not necessarily something to solve it.

Again, if you were able to find this problem means that you’re far from hopeless. Maybe you’re too hard on yourself? It is difficult to give you advice because of the question it is not clear exactly how things stand, that for you to decide other, etc. So strongly do not take offense at my answer.

I’ll try to help by telling you about my situation. It happened: I said I’ll never be independent that I did not pursue it. Don’t know what it involves. I was reproached that I one child in family. If you’re a loner, like me, probably you stigmatized. Supposedly, if you don’t have any brothers or sisters, parents due to his boundless love will never let you develop yourself.

Not departed from the parental nest, a bird will not. But how exciting this flight over the abyss, flight of the soul, lacking the usual support!..Most likely, that’s why I from year to year tried to impose my lack of independence. Although I have not really been in a situation when you had to make serious decisions. It seems to me that at some point I myself believed in their dependence and failure. The main thing I realized at the time: «don’t try to prove anything to anyone that you would not say, you still will not hear.»

This is the same stage where you are now. I knew it was time to act. More precisely, the circumstances are such that to be in the inaction became impossible. I had to go to another city to continue their education. But this does not mean that I in one moment became a different person. Two years I kept saying that I will not work, because I’m lazy.

Apparently, I really sloupok. Well, I just had a hard one to adapt in a strange city. In the end, escape from this nasty condition when, despite everything, began to look for work. It motivates. And I don’t suggest you to grab the first available offer. Better once a month be dependent, but get the work that you’re actually interested.

And, please, my dear, never don’t let anyone tell you that you are unable to make their own decisions. After all, everything in our life depends only on us, and only we decide which hand to vote in the proposed lack of options.Yes, I first advise you to begin your career path. Trust me, you will not have time for idleness. Gonna be busy all day, especially if you’re still learning. Look, you’re already in business, and never have to worry about lack of independence.

So the most logical answer is: do something with their hands and head, tear off your ass from sagging couch and do business. Soon you will become an independent man, whom we will be proud of.

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