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Hi, revision! Not long ago I became acquainted with your website and was just amazed at the useful content that is presented here. Now I have introduced a good tradition to regularly check your website and read these divine articles. You really do much for the male half.

So this time I hope that Bro will help me. All my life I poorly drawn, but what can we say, just disgusting! And now I have a huge desire to learn how to draw all the splendor that surrounds us (or at least a small part). Maybe you know some ways? Going to school is not possible. I hope that you will help me. Thank you!


Hello, dear reader! How’s it going? What are they doing? Read our recent articles? Fine, fine. Thank you for the fact that you’re with us. Next will be more interesting.

Frankly, I do not know how to draw. And still don’t know how. Sometimes I want to take on a yellow sheet to draw a gel pen a poignant picture of the autumn loneliness. But alas, the only thing I’m good at drawing, it’s wieners: natural, vital, with wreaths – as it should be. Wiener from the picture as a living, nice to see. Unfortunately, he can not Express my attitude to the surrounding splendor. Even if we take for granted the formula: the more beautiful body, more beautiful reality. No, I’m not obsessed with bodies, it happened. But I, like you, sit the makings of an artist. However, there are the makings of many, however, this does not mean that all can be artists. And then, realizing, once using the brush/pen I will not be able to reflect his brilliant vision of the world, you can do it using other means. For example, with the help of music. However, nature does not allow to treat Hobbies as Hobbies, and realizing that David Gilmour I will be, I suddenly remembered that the language I have everything in order.

So I started to write, what are you doing so far, and for what I paid for. This is the highest happiness. I took this not so much time, but I do not regret that I left the music word. I really, really try to reflect all the magnificence that surrounds us, show your attitude by using words. Crooked fingers – here’s my brush, a white screen is my canvas, Russian language – here are my paint. That’s exactly how I justify all the idiocy you write. I realize how ridiculous that sounds in relation to my little poor person, therefore, will cover artists such as Bunin, Hemingway and the like.

To what I it everything? The fact is that learn to draw in adulthood and even when money is very, very difficult. Maybe you try to Express yourself with other tools, since many of them can be, your talent is in something else?

Well, no, listen carefully. One of our good friend, professional artist who makes his talent the kind of money that cause our editorial blissful stupor, told that to learn to draw it yourself from scratch is impossible. If you dig on the Internet, you can find a whole lot of sites, books, lessons, where the headlines scream that learning to draw quickly and easily. Some promise a secret that no one but them knows. Kindergarten! Really lessons on websites can be useful only as a Supplement.

All of these workshops on disks – too «zilch». Well, you’ll learn how to draw a few simple pictures-clones, and all, will show you how to draw a «stencil», and only. Any attempt to go beyond to anything good will not. It’s a business. The main thing is to sell, not to teach.

Better to spend the money and go to a living teacher. That is not a live chat with a live person can be so well understood? Yes, and to ask and to show you can always directly. And most importantly, it will give you a base and the basics that are required to know every aspiring artist. Need a teacher in order to give the student a frame of reference, to highlight the main, basic points that will form the Foundation of visual literacy, and this «skeleton» will grow further. If the «skeleton» is not incorporated, a person for a long time and randomly will build its framework, and will always remain the probability of random errors, unexpected mistakes, etc. But still a lot of pseudo-artists say that education kills creativity. But the work will not strangle, not kill. It over rules.

The only way to turn doodles into something more or less adequate. Unfortunately, without training anywhere. Besides, a good teacher will tell you the genre and the direction in which you can succeed. To learn to draw like Brullov, you need to hone your skills all my life, from an early age, and have a talent. You and I have obtained only a Doodle, so no «pointing finger» wizard can not do.

Well, of course, hard work. Every time we talk about it, but will never tire of repeating this sacred truth. «I have no talent, I can’t do anything, how can I learn?» is excuses. I can answer that this is just laziness. Laziness does not allow us to achieve great success. Almost anyone can learn drawing skills. And their individual perception of the world you just have to develop and pass using this skill on a sheet or canvas.

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