How to become a «real man»

Work.kom.ua_30.07.2014_0CAgo4UObVmDWHow often that ever happen to you: you meet some time, and it seems everything goes smoothly, but here it is for no apparent reason leaves. Most likely, you have not passed one very important for women criterion — you do not pull on the status of «real man».

Despite the apparent ephemeral nature of this category and the difference in the taste preferences of women, there are several parameters that characterize you as a decent male Homo sapiens, regardless of whether they like blondes or brunettes, thin or with a paunch, merry or sad shit.

1. A real man to satisfy her needs

And not only because they do not satisfy them, he will benefit from the cap. But because he really cares, he is attentive to her, he respects her interests. And if her needs are contrary to his plans, he won’t throw a fit, because her interest for him is no less important than their own.

2. A real man will not project their flaws on it

He’s not one of those in your eye does not see the logs. When a problem occurs in the relationship, he does not seek to blame her. He understands that since the relationship involving two people, and conflicts that typically occur at the fault of both parties.

3. A real man is always ready to make a decision

He will not chew snot when you need to act. At the right time he is able to drop all your doubts and do what needs to be done.

4. Real man interested in something other than relations

It must have a beloved hobby or at least a beloved work. In short, something that makes his eyes burn and heart race. Passionate dude is much more interesting girl than someone whose only hobby is to eat and fuck. Even if he eats and Fucks only with love for her.

5. A real man is not going crazy for no reason

He never behaves like a paranoid, do not blame her based on his own suspicions, and, of course, not trying to spy on her, breaking a VK account.

If there is reason for concern, he behaves in an adult way- discussing the problem with her.

6. A real man remains calm during conflict

If he explodes at the slightest irritation, it is suggestive of his emotional immaturity. No woman wants to meet thirteen-year-old hysteric, while having remarkable physical strength. She just doesn’t feel safe with that person.

7. A real man cares about their appearance

Of course, women give men a slight negligence in relation to the appearance, but only easy, man, easy! There is nothing surprising in the fact that an attractive, well-groomed girl does not want to see Yeti, which carries a three-day sweat and fume.

8. A real man doesn’t pour salt on the wound

He will never celebrate his win in a dispute with the girl words: «I told you so!»

More to him than her emotional state than a statement of self-righteousness.

9. A real man does not go on about the stereotypes

He is able to make the decision yourself, not focusing on the crowd’s opinion. In addition, it can easily overcome any stereotype, if necessary, and help the girl to cross with him.

10. A real man knows when to leave

He understands that sometimes you need to show her how much important she is for him. Then he throws everything, turns off the mobile and spends time with her.

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