How to become a nice, simple, but not «narrow-minded» enough, many comrades seriously think «simple» is a person who does not have any «aggravating» circumstances in a bizarre language, sense of humor, interests, and others in Abasov. Speak in the spirit of: «Well, it’s… I like you, you know!», does not interested and do not have any real ambition — not a sign of the common man, and a sign of the near friend, who is afraid that he will misunderstand. Today I will try how can you describe looks like a simple, quiet, understandable, and adequate man who does not want to overly simplify or complicate yourself, not rude people and girls, and is not m*a duck. Quite a nice fellow that everybody, regardless of gender, age, mental development and attitudes can say «a Normal guy!». Worth a little watch such good guys that like to many to figure it out. In addition, guaranteed and proven by the girls from the office and the office is close that all of these items are like all women, without exception. So here!

1. Not to possess the snobbish manners of a gastronomy

Let’s say we’re in a bar. It’s hard to imagine Tuesday, I understand. All people as people, but here comes a friend and let the bartender ask for strange. «Why don’t you have a cocktail with blue sugar snowflakes?», «And you have an error in menu! Letter is missing», «this beer is a fermentation?», «Do you have mate? And you do know what a mate is?» If the menu is not what you want, complain about the grain and the grain to write in the complaint book that the milk from the wrong manufacturer, as did one of my friends. Asked if we could do something like that. Quickly and accurately. If you can, order something else or throw in another place. Whenever you want to show off their refined taste, think that the bartender will think you’re sophisticated personality. He’s even jealous of you. You automatically descend to the level of a culinary snob and you deserve to Wake up naked in the tundra.

By the way, this applies not only to the snobbish pretensions, and, for example, the literature («Fi, this is your remark, read Hesse!»), music («AC/DC — normal rock, modern shit!»)

2. I asked a girl out on a date? Pay

Is this a date? The exact date? Well, then why not pay? You owe me 300 rubles for coffee and cheesecake? Nuuuu… somehow it so happened that in our culture normally pay for the girl. The Americans here girls sometimes buy coffee or beer, as a sign of respect, but not on a first date. In Russia I such did not meet never, although I once bought a beer. And it was my future wife.

Even nice girls think it’s normal that they will pay on the first date. You treat her, you make her feel good. Now, if she asked you a diamond ring the size of a frog, then Yes, she’s a whore or she has very high standards. And just pleasant. You probably don’t want to pay for it due to the fact that I hold the money, admit it! Or the fact that you want to get a girl with minimal means, which again does not give you a simple normal guy. I have a friend, Vanya, who managed to go on dates to the movies at the expense of girls. But you have to give him credit: he was always ready to give her anything of that kind. No miser, it’s all greed!

3. Correct mistakes or at least admit them

People love those who are willing to admit that he was wrong. Especially these girls love. She will attribute to you some more benefits of a «real man» from your list. So admit it and enjoy.

4. Don’t do a selfie, it’s killing you all the courage!

If you ever took a picture of myself in the mirror of the Elevator, seriously, not kidding, but because you thought that your press is so handsome, sure ancient Greek statues, you have to satisfy their inclinations Narcissus and lose one egg. Look, it’s gone! If you do it a second time, you may Wake up woman and don’t notice it. Strain your abs, biceps and turn the phone here and there, choosing a good frame that everyone can see and happy that you have finally got one cube and one ball, sorry. This immediately gives you love to narcissism, which often leads to pride, and pride leads to m*DonSTU.

You can take pictures with a silly face, you can play with friends, but doing a selfie, especially in the Elevator, with his t-shirt, no-no!

5. Learn to prepare and cook something sort of

In other words, a holiday. For example, steak. Or the layered potatoes. Or some mushrooms, stuffed quail eggs. Something simple, uncomplicated, which in this case looks difficult and like you’ve worked for. This will give you the guy that cooks that love the ladies and respect of his comrades. Strange stuff, but somehow delicious man food seem twice as delicious delicious women. From women this is quite expected, but the guy is no reason. Double standard and discrimination.

You can even never in the future not to cook, but it certainly will be remembered. Cooking makes you the right handy guy, who is not afraid to be different, original person. Most often, it is only in the eyes of other people.

6. Do not pick on other dudes, people younger than you and girls

Witnessed a stupid accident. Ran into one friend, who for some reason began rather harshly teasing the girl about her mind, although she did not give yourself reason to doubt his absence. First, immediately began to find fault with her words, and then moved on to a rather rude joke. Just a guy chose a victim to improve their CDA. He told her something rude, she told him, he did not expect this and rudely pointed out to her the unprofitableness of his sex and age. All would be nothing if she wasn’t older than him by 7 years. Looked the person is a girl. Been laughing for a pretty long time.

So, friend: to choose a victim to get over it to make fun of — a lot of people with a sincere dislike for themselves and complexes. That is selfish and the other inferior. Worst of all, if you choose for this purpose those who are younger than you (seemingly) modest and women. This immediately gives you a wimp, which with self-esteem problems. In the case of outright rudeness dude can send you in a certain direction or hit you in the face. A modest quiet girl that often can not do by virtue of education and lack of physical strength, so it’s perfect sacrifice for the nobodies. Somehow narcissistic and sharp girls they choose, they can shout at and slapped in the face. If you have ever had such a desire, urgently corrected. Otherwise, you can beat anyone who does not like, when offend the weak.

You need to understand that to mock and teasing are two different concepts. But teasing can only be friends and acquaintances, some really do not like.

7. I sincerely admire something

Only sincere. A passionate man lives more interesting. Honestly, most of the problems people that they are not dealing to the soul. A passionate person is better going through a breakup, it is better to cope with bad situations better and sweeter sleep. And all because he has something to do with my life. Truly passionate about the person can be called a moderate nerd, and there’s nothing wrong.

8. Not to impose on anyone my point of view

Do you think that not believing in God is weird? Count. Do you think that Peter I was the only politician in Russia? Do you think that everyone should go to the gym? Are you sure Putin is quite a norm? You’re a staunch vegan and wonder how people can eat meat? You don’t understand how people can use phones from HTC or Samsung, when you have Apple products? Are you sure Xbox one is complete shit compared to the Playstation 4 and its exclusives? For God’s sake, believe what you want, but don’t need anyone to impose their point of view, particularly aggressive. Otherwise you will become obsessed people and will forever lose the chance to be adequate, simple and nice guy.

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