How to become a multitasking weird, but multitasking is to be able to do one thing at a time. Unexpected, isn’t it?

All tips for multitasking, as a rule, have no sense. A 2009 study at Stanford University showed that people who take on too many things at once, worse cope with them than those who do one thing at a time.

Why is it so? Because our brains are not suited for multitasking. He can hold in short term memory between five and nine tasks. And that’s all.

How to become multi-tasking? Learn to do one at a time and things will go faster and more efficiently, which means you will save time. So it will seem to you that you became a multi-tasking, so deal with would beabouta large number of tasks in less time.

1. Often do the breaks

A 2008 study by the journal «Cognition» found that the brain’s ability to concentrate drops after he has long worked on the same job. Too long work? You will understand this if distracted by the social network or begin to dream.

Another study found that short breaks between long periods of work, bring efficiency and a concentration of 16%.

Exercise is a healthy distraction. Even a simple walk increases productivity and reduces stress.

2. Think about how you sleep

80% of people do not leave their phone around the clock — and it is also evidence of research. Another obstacle to sleep: around 10% of people interfere with sleep SMS or calls.

A dream we need to focus, not to mention the fact that lack of sleep interferes with your talk. You must find a way to undock from the real world. Don’t worry, Twitter and Facebook will still exist when you will be online next time. However, the ability to concentrate without obstacles and irresistible desire again to play Subway Surfer is useful not only for sleeping but also for work. Start small: five minutes, then ten, etc. the Brain will thank you.

3. Clean workplace

The results of the neurological research Institute at Princeton University found a link between anxiety and stuff. Read: less trash is less of a concern.

Fight the trash, get rid of unnecessary papers, do structure your all around. Importantly, under the hot hand got the correct documents! When the order on the table, in the head, too, all displayed on the shelves.

4. Allocate time

If you make the list, thus you will not reduce their number. This will help, but you’ll still be loaded. To create a scale of importance and complexity of the cases and responsibilities, and their sequence and schedule of what you need. To reply to this email or call? To make a report? Think of all the time you need for each of the cases. You can keep a log of their cases, and to extract from it a lesson.

If you think overwhelmed, let it all out. To prove something to yourself and others is a bad thing from a career perspective, such a path will lead you to failure. Translate a few tasks to someone else is a professional.

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