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You never know what it means to be a guy whose actions in bed discussing all the women around? What’s it like to be a man, the sight of which all women are covered shiver? In a chance encounter and friendship with sex is a plus: girls love gossip, and if, before the nice ladies will take your glory king of sex, I assure you that they will trample you.

So how do you become a sex God?

1. Reduce the time watching porn or even dump it

So, dude, weird? Everything is so hard telling you about the benefits of porn as a textbook of sex and to tell you to forget it! Porn does not lead you to better sex, porn is a temporary relief and detachment from reality, after which you will treat real girls… in any way.

2. Think about how to please two girls

I have never met a bro who would not dream directly about the two beauties in his bed. It’s cool, it’s amazing, and it comes directly from porn. And now think about… logistics. How do you get these two girls? Because now prevails over you task to please two Babes. And this is no easy task. Always do a woman well, first, don’t be selfish in bed, and secondly, the sex God everyone is doing well and not just yourself or the owner of the biggest Boobs. Think carefully about what you want to do. You can read about it! And don’t think they will do to each other, it happens only in porn.

3. Control your libido

If it is tight, speak to your doctor. If he’s doing very well — try to control it. For example, Masturbation. If this does not help — go to the doctor, do not figure to run!

4. Work on quality sex

Faster, higher and stronger is the motto, as you can see, has not changed. You can write about this very, very much. And we already told you how to improve your sex.

5. Work out their skills on a one-night stand or friends with benefits

But remember the basic rules. The article about sex and friendship they have. But in casual sexual relations has also its own rules. First, remember a minimum of emotional involvement. Sometimes you don’t even have to name names. Second, no more meetings. Third, if you accidentally meet, it is better not even nod to each other, pretend that each other do not know.

6. Don’t try to be a porn star

So, for the number of people who are trying to look like heroes porno, «who came to clean you pipe, Fraulein», you need to be especially grateful to the growth rate of the Internet. Now every man is trying to cum on a girl’s face, stick her finger in her mouth or something that has been in the unpleasant place. Very few people like it, man, stop it. The act must be natural, sensual, passionately, and to listen to our advice. Some traffic from a porn does not bring pleasure not only to the girl, but you. Such movement can easily break his penis or to RUB it well.

7. Gave hair

Rather, to reduce their number. Many bro’s chest hair grows pretty ugly, and not as in this molodogo Sean Connery. For example, if the hair grows you have a strange land, drive them to hell. If the hair you have, sorry, on the causal place, such as hard as a brush to clean bottles, or cut them so the girl didn’t feel as solid pillow, or really delete them nafig. But remember that the hair removal on the causal place, there’s a chance that your Johnson would look kind of weird. But better delete it, so.

8. Oral sex

Everyone likes oral sex, at least I have heard those bro who don’t like this. But every bro needs to realize that when she does it nice, no need to deny her the same. Strangely enough, a bro totally against cunnilingus, and tighten the head to the area below the navel women virtually impossible. But, friend, even if you don’t like it, you need to show a woman attention, no logical principle will never overshadow the fact that you’re just a selfish who wants to have fun, not to deliver it. And will of God, and that you’re selfish in bed. And this is much worse selfishness in life.

9. Learn to realize her desire in life

Don’t know what it is — ask do not be shy. Otherwise show themselves to be selfish. The king of sex and the king must deliver to the girl pleasure from all sides and not be ashamed to talk about it, even if sex for one night.

10. Keep your body in good shape

Although we wrote that the girl is not so appearance is important as you think. But the body toned, fit and beautiful, like absolutely any girl.

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