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In fact, to become a hero, you don’t have to enter a burning apartment or jumping in the ocean from a high cliff, etc. etc. You can be a hero in the eyes of women if you do some petty things. And though these petty things can seem so trivial, but they are still easier than the above feats. So, here are some things you need to do to become a real hero:

1. Go shopping with her

Actually shopping would be it, and you will need to go from store to store, nodding approvingly when she tries on the outfit, or, on the contrary, negatively shaking his head. Pretend you anything know that this dress fits the color of her eyes. She may not listen to it and buy what it thinks is needed, but will still record on your account a few positive points. By the way, before this feat you will have how to eat, because to walk you need at least 6 hours, and sometimes much more. Women are tough, and when it comes to shopping, they may even forget about time, hunger and fatigue.

And one more thing. If your relationship is not yet at that level, when your card periodically visit her wallet and offer to pay for it some purchase. Moreover, this purchase should not necessarily be a ring with a huge diamond or expensive designer shoes. For women, a very important fact that you decided to make them a gift, even if modest. Believe me, they appreciate it and will easily find you a real hero.

2. Remember your date

We believe that in life so many occasions that you have to remember, even if a lot of them, you will not be difficult to remember another one. So, we’re talking about the same dates: first date, first kiss, first sex in General, each pair has its own special dates to forget that unforgivable for some reason us men. And these same dates for women is much more important than any there March 8 and the days lovers, because this is your date, not total. Like all dates, this date is something to celebrate. And here, too, is not always necessary to go to great expense for it will be much more important if you remember the music that was playing in the cafe during your first meeting, and suddenly turn it on in the morning while she wakes up and you bring her morning coffee. Such an act in the eyes of women is equal to the feat.

3. Write her a letter

We are not poets and do not writers, at least most of us. And we often exchanged using simple sentences, no compound sentences and verbal participle phrases. But for women, it is important that you could not show off knowledge about carburetors, but also to understand the metaphors-hyperbole. So show a little more imagination and write her if not a real letter with ink on paper, then at least a long and complicated text. Hit to her, and you’re a hero!

4. Look with her melodrama

If a friend offers you a joint view of romance, don’t need to remember her that day when she refused to watch «the Saw-3». Face it, you’re not gonna die for a couple of hours of the harrowing scenes, but she’ll be happy. But if you still miss the most avaricious man’s tears, or at least sad your face at the very moment when she is already crying, then you automatically become her hero.

5. Talk about your relationship

Not to be confused with the showdown, it’s a little different. To talk about the relationship — this does not mean that you have to justify why the third day be late for work or why you smell other people’s perfume. Talk about «us» a woman is not less important than inspection — your car. Take three minutes of time, and when she asks: «what do you think?» answer it is not the usual «nothing», but something like: «Think about how happy to be in this minute with you…» Such a sentimental speech will make a lasting impression on her and, of course, will raise you to the rank of hero.

That’s about ordinary men become heroes to their friends. But you can of course continue this list of feats, which, ultimately, will certainly play in your favor.

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