How to become a guy, about sex with whom she will regret

manygoodtips.com_16.05.2014_Wpe1OW7NUPdmXA recent study showed that men and women, sex is disappointing in different ways. Men wish they can have sex with would beabouta large number of women, whereas women regret sleeping with the wrong men. Who would have thought that scientists would spend time on getting such obvious results?

There are different aspects that can make women feel sorry about sex. We’ll tell you what should be avoided by any means.

1. Learn how to kiss

Apparently, the inability to kiss is the worst.

Firstly, it is impossible to overdo it with the language like you want to strangle her. She will suffer, will tell you nothing, but will disgrace you in front of all her friends. Think about it: you’re nice when you shove in her mouth language completely, and you’re trying not to choke and somehow to grasp the air nose? No, it will not work.

Dribbling is also no one likes. You’re not a bird that feeding Chicks the contents of his mouth, she certainly didn’t expect it.

With each kiss, remember the famous saying drew Barrymore: «No porneasca. Only the Church language.»

2. Pull up your bed skills

Use the dick like a jackhammer is a bad idea. If you make this mistake, until the end of life will remain their only partner.

Not to spoil her impression of yourself, don’t get drunk before sex — you are risking. Alcohol negatively affects the potency. She swallows small dick (especially if you know how to use it), but a member who is not worth — what would you do with it? Such a surprise will disappoint any girl.

3. Wash up!

If you hope to have sex, you need to take a shower. Needless to say, but some reason forget about it. Shower, use deodorant (it’s cheap and pays off).

More painstaking care of his appearance too, will not hurt anyone. Cut your nails so they were smooth edges — not obsessive and don’t forget about this ritual. Girls are also not impressive «coke nail on the pinky toe. Remember to care for yourself, if you hope from time to time spend your nights in good company.

4. Catch her mood

Remember the girl that had sex just for sex, and then she called and texted you several times a day. Like it? Women also don’t like when they translate the increased attention if they didn’t plan the relationship, but only sex.

Don’t start an exhausting talk about us, don’t tell her about your feelings, if you see that she’s not going to reciprocate. But irritation and annoying pity you will not achieve any effect.

The other extreme — do not promise mountains of gold to her, the night sky, a million scarlet roses, puppy Dalmatians and most importantly commitment if it’s just sex for once. Be honest and you won’t have to avoid it, mute the phone and complain. Who needs the extra problems?

Why did you behave like that? Want to sweeten the pill? Clear conscience? By embarking on the path of truth and fixes right now, otherwise you be «that asshole» in gossip with her friends, and maybe a whipping boy, if she has a brother or friends in good shape.

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