How to become a good specialist, studying at zaochke


I’m 23, I work, he entered the correspondence Department. Prompt, how it to learn, to get a good specialist?

The answer

One of the most pertinent questions for the last time. Simple, clear and concise – keep it up, dude! This approach you obviously need in your life. Note all our wishes and greetings that we so vehemently showered each questioner, and finally, to answer the question.

In the first instance the following: is the right choice. And, in my opinion, distance learning is the best choice for you in conditions of Russian education system. Not going to wear rose-colored glasses, but the diploma is worthless, and that’s a fact. However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t have it. Just now, the process is more honest: you’re getting your degree just to become better. This, of course, more characteristic of the liberal professions. But we digress.

I studied at the time zaochke and that’s what experience made might just you want it.

The students are divided into two categories, one of which is full of lazy people who just want to go the easier route. The other half are working people or those who due to life circumstances is simply no time or money for full-time education. In any case, at the Institute of extramural treated worse than echnical. Although first and second are the same exams, write the same diplomas. Because of this relationship born a few significant problems during the training period. Part of the teaching staff will take you for a man who can, wants and will pay for a good the exam (it works, so the money is there). Sometimes these things sounded right. And part of classmates will not mind to raise the money for this. This is the case when you need to go against the team, if you want to become a good specialist. The only real change, only hardcore! And it does not exclude that you often have to sort things out with unscrupulous teachers who will try to blame you. This is a common Issue, and don’t even know what institution she spared. The main thing is not to pay at all, because if you pay once, you will pay every time the slightest difficulty. I was most surprised by the people who paid for the surrender, not even trying to pass on their own. This culture shock was. They said, «still don’t pass, why even try?»

This immediately implies the following advice. If you know that teach you shit, and fellow students to disburse, it is not necessary to become part of a team and have fun. Sooner or later the team will start to press that will play in your favor. However, being a student, part of the team become difficult, because there are at the Institute you rarely.

When will the first pair (they have to write about is, if someone does not know), then pay attention to those teachers who are not lazy to talk in detail about his subject. They better have a good relationship and always do what they ask because, as mentioned earlier, even among the teachers attitude towards the students is not very good, and when you find those who care about you, they should stay. Due to the fact that a lot of material, and the steam, on the contrary, are few, and they are given in a very short time (we had 5-6 pairs a day for 2-3 weeks), many students are learning from session to session. This is the wrong approach, if you want to keep your knowledge. Topping the list is required for your specialty literature in the first days of training and shtudiruet it all year. Even if you read something on the weekends for 2-3 hours and outlining that, this tactic will give you a significant advantage. No need to grab his head during the session and teach you fell on the material night.

Never leave ascertain the learning of information for later. This rule, which I learned from my own experience. Your supervisor, no matter how good he was, most likely, will not give your course the same attention as full-time. For a mayor to rely at all stupid (although there are exceptions), so show independence and establish contacts with all teachers. Let it be annoying, let them be mad because of the annoying student, but you have to figure out your course before you start a session.

There are «free» exams. Such is obtained in the worst case around 20 percent. To pass the class, you need to memorize a few dozen terms, and to smile at the teacher. Now, this may seem like manna from heaven at certain points, especially when you work (because so much time was released), but it’s meanwhile horrible reflects on your professionalism. So you’ll have to exercise willpower and still learn the subject as it deserves. In General, in my opinion, students often overlook the much better specialists than resident students. Because this form of learning requires independence and responsibility. So, you’re deprived of many hours, but there are always books that can replace them.

Still, the lack of information can have an impact. So don’t avoid any opportunity to attend a professional conference, a public lecture, workshops and so on. They are often held by the Institute as optional events, but it is better to visit, because visiting a specialist is much better versed in the subject than the Professor. Excluded third-party information sources and any additional literature. Typically, the standard recommended textbooks written in the dry and boring language, but in the shops and on the Internet, there are analogues that read much nicer.

You not once or twice will come up with the idea that all this training is complete shit and you’re wasting your time. Since you’re a student, you simply the whole thing to quit, but better to think about it more rationally and not jump to conclusions. In those days, relax, have a beer with friends, remember why you did and what you wanted to accomplish with this. When you bring your thoughts in order, go ahead. Self-responsibility and willpower is what you need in the first place.

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