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Hello, dear I read you every day. Great tips, guys.

I am studying at «LETI» in a wonderful city Saint-Petersburg. Now in the second year. Sorry I realized this only now, but well understood at all. Physics is not my thing.

Would like to be a chef and be sure to try to write a book.

And now the question is: how do I transfer to another University, the Humanities, if this is fully technical? And if not more difficult, how to be a chef in my situation?

The answer

Hey, buddy. I hope I’m not late with the answer and, of course, glad that we’re reading in my spare time.

One thing is for sure: your solution is correct, and if you’re in the shower not a physicist, it is better not to be.

First answer to the first part of the question, because it is quite simple. In General, transfer is always possible, especially during the first two years without losing. Why is this possible? It is the very essence of the first years of teaching at HSE. No matter where you studied, the bulk of the items in the first time is the same, that is, history at the faculty of physics will not differ from history at the faculty of journalism. There are, of course, and specialized subjects. Something will be able to transfer from the previous grade book into the new, but something will have to pass. Of course, on the exam the same story.

But this is talking from personal experience: my friend just the same situation was, and he coped with it, though, nerves frazzled a lot. The main issue, surprisingly, was the reluctance of the employees of the University would deal with it all, I had to really stand his ground and dig in all kinds of rules of translation from one specialty to another. Of course, there is a high probability that you will lose some time, but it really is not as bad as to study where do not want.

Now for the second part of the question, which seemed to us more interesting. Of course, we have something to say about it.

The first thing I would like to mention: not everyone cooks specialized education behind. Many are limited to regular courses, but others cost even without it. Worse they cook? Of course, much depends on understanding the basics that can come only from professionals. However, we believe that in cooking, there is a considerable share of creativity. And if you don’t want to just cook the Shawarma under the brutal supervision of the owner of a diner, you probably know it. On the other hand many people think that they otuchat in some culinary College and are able to get in a decent restaurant as a chef. It does not happen, dude. You will have as much chance as a guy who just came in off the street.

First you work for free. Called it disgusting time «internships». You are the shit and you should shut up and listen to elders, if you’re a child, which surrounded the yard punks. This is a reality, but it’s worth it if you really want to be a master of his craft. Go through hell and get the reward, as everywhere in this life.

Cooking is far from what we’ve seen on television in a themed show. I hope you understand that. Most of the gear is just mounted an illusion, not real cooking. Books often produce quite fans who just found an interesting topic and were able to describe well. By the way, if you want to do something like this, it may not need to be a cook by profession, but simply to delve into the culinary traditions of the world, to cook for yourself and learn beautiful to put words to people like that? Thus you will be able to write a cookbook and not just one. The job of a chef will largely distract you from that.

But if you still want, then it’s your business. Let’s offer the procedure, which would have used myself if I wanted to dump all of the revisions and go the way of the cook. The truth is that the culinary education I have, you, too, that proceed from it.

First, I would define what cuisine I am most impressed with. Let it be not a high cuisine of the American States, is characterized by simplicity of ingredients and some kind of small-town sincerity. Of course, would have to subscribe to a bunch of YouTube channels and upload 2-3 books on the topic. Within six months I’d really learned everything about American food, and tried to find cooking classes that will not take a lot of time and trustworthy. If cooking courses on the subject no, we would have some overlap. However, would house training and tried to understand the underlying for cooking things: how to choose the right meat; what part of the pig is suitable for a particular dish and what is not, and why; how to technically handle a knife and stuff like that. After completion of the courses and in-depth study of the material I already had some skills, albeit small. All I was able to learn, I would have recorded in detail and carefully, because you do not forget, want to write a book, and so useful.

The first stage has been completed, proceed to the second. The next logical step is to apply for an internship in an American restaurant. It’s simple: looking for the right facility, look at the reviews and calling the employer. Maybe you won’t have to do it, because some culinary courses have their internship database, which is very good. But, in General, sooner or later you’re going to get an Intern, going through the circles of hell, and you’re getting promoted to assistant cook. If you do everything right, you will be able to go further on the career ladder, where you can find a place in a decent school it will be much easier. That such small steps I could and moved on to the purpose that you think.

What skills are needed to cook, except for actually cooking? High stress, if he wants to work in a team, organizational skills, if he wants his team respected and listened to, as well as the skills of creative writing if he wants to write a cookbook. And, of course, patience. Without it anywhere, it is not known how it will unfold for you fortune, and how often you will stumble on random obstacles on your way. Most importantly, stay the course and be persistent. If you want to be a cook, then be it!

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