How to become a champion on the example of Usain Bolt

manygoodtips.com_18.08.2016_miaj3hcil3ŭaAt the time the Bolt gave great hope, but before he met with his coach, was a athlete who is often injured and clearly not used to its full potential. Mills has revised training programs. In addition, he closely approached a congenital defect of the spine, which was the main cause of recurrent injuries to the popliteal tendon at the Bolt.

He convinced the young boy that one just talent to break into the top of the podium was impossible, and put cocky, but very talented young man under lock and key discipline, behavior, and special diets.

Clearly, in this kind of sport as running, a lot depends on genetics, but without hard work in training to achieve success is impossible. This phenomenon in the world in sprinting Usain Bolt regularly combines running exercises with the work in the gym and carefully watch their diet.

In the end, in the world there is another gifted athlete who, despite his tall, worn on the treadmill, like antelopes from predators. Yeah, he’s got a great step, almost 60 cm more than the other athletes, and his cells have a high content creatinephosphate acid, which helps to keep the pace. But without training not done.The athlete rises at 9, has Breakfast and goes to the gym. Five times a week Usain runs the stadium, but also don’t forget about strength exercises.

Strength training

Bolt uses a combination of plyometric and weight training to develop functional strength. They are aimed at a decrease in performance when running at 200, 400 and 500 meters.

Here is that includes a workout:

Power lunges with heavy dumbbells

Squats with weights

— Leg swings with weights

— Explosive lunges on the platform with a heavy dumbbell

— Jumping on a box

— Jumping over obstacles

— Running with high knee

— Running move at a walk

manygoodtips.com_18.08.2016_roHg1c1f2kpQkMajor elements include lunges and squats that the Bolt makes with free weights. Jumping and jumping focused on the development of explosive force at the runner.

As for reps, the ideal would be 8-12 in approach, depending on health.

But what Sprinter without a flexible muscle. Muscles — the key to success at all distances. Therefore, the focus of your training Bolt attaches to them. Trains about 3 hours a day, this is a very intense exercise followed by rest, massage and complete relaxation so that the muscles have time to fully recover before the next workout.



Like most athletes, Bolt has right and hourly to feed. He eats, of course, as a distant relative at a wedding — a lot and often. The basis of the diet is 60 % protein, 30% carbs and 10% fats. Breakfast includes Jamaican dumplings (flour, water, butter and milk), Yam (like potatoes) in which at least hundreds of km of fiber, carbohydrates as well as vitamins A and C.

For lunch, several delicious — tuna, bass with brown rice and whole-wheat bread. For dinner, Usain prefers to eat meat, it can be chicken, beef or pork. As a side dish he’s using again Fig. In General, absorb all of what 80% of the population of Jamaica can only dream of.


Capabilities of the human body is limitless, and in order to squeeze the maximum out of ourselves, you need to follow the following rules:

— Never run near roads and cars. Clean air is not there, but for normal running, you need to inhale oxygen and not dirt.

— Every week change the route runs. This will help to withstand heavy loads on the body mentally.

— Use for running a reliable and comfortable shoes. Of course, the legendary Kenyan runners train barefoot, but they the clock, so I go. Your soft heels not hurt pair of shoes.— Every time a training program needs to increase the load and time. Only then will the result.

— At the beginning of the run, you need to ask is not too high temp will warm up the body and help it to adapt.

— After the run is useful to make some exercises for flexibility, which ultimately will be a good Foundation for increasing speed and endurance.

— Every time at the end of the run, you need to do fast acceleration, after which you can move to Jogging and then to walking. This method will not give very tired, and lighten the load.— Those wishing to run professionally, you should pay attention to interval running. This kind of Jogging is a definite alternation of fast and easy running without breaks to rest or walk.

— And most importantly — to be harmoniously developed. In the process of running uses every muscle in the body, but for the harmonious development of the body, you need to visit the gym, work on the horizontal bar and parallel bars. One legs, as they say, can not eat.


manygoodtips.com_18.08.2016_VODuLeQj9OZw8But the Bolt wouldn’t be Bolt — the Olympic champion and the champion of everything, without his great mental preparation. Here are a few commandments that make him a champion.

To the losses of the Bolt is philosophical, advising them to expect and even welcome them as part of the game. They help to establish mental stability, provide an opportunity to correct weaknesses; however, they also help to make the right steps.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of Bolt is its sense of humor. He jokes about his hard work, enormous effort, pain and discipline, but it does so with contagious enthusiasm, which clearly shows that this man does what he loves to do, and he has a goal, which he passionately believes. Even the most routine activities can become interesting if to turn it into a game.

However, this humor does not prevent him to obey the coach. He understands that without foreign advice would have achieved nothing. And without a sober assessment of their capabilities. No need to try to be the first everywhere at once. At the Olympics in Beijing, the world record holder in the sprint, long thought where to go, 100 m or 200 m. However realized in time that such arrogance could ruin him and generally leave without the coveted Golden circles.

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