How to become a better person?

This question should torment every Mature decent person. No matter how many improvements you make, you will never be perfect. Because there is no such thing, but if you’re sure that the absence of the ideal — an acceptable reason for not trying to work against ourselves and our weaknesses, we give you: there is no perfection, but there is progress! We all make mistakes, give in to our weaknesses and from time to time stumble and fall. There is nothing wrong — we’re only human. But, if you show enough perseverance, we can all find any kind of stability over time.

Improve yourself quite simply! And most of these things do not require any space efforts.

1. Charge or a small workout after waking up

Quality workout for the whole body can be combined with the work with kettlebells, dumbbells or your weight. If you can hold out for at least a week, exercising on an empty stomach in the morning, you will be much easier to secure for itself the habit.

2. Potratila on good clothes

Clothes make the man, man! The sad truth of life. Spend a lot of money on clothes is not required. You can find something appropriate in the sales, effluent, or in cheaper stores. The main thing is to make sure that you really look good in what you wear.

3. Take care of yourself

Don’t think that’s the lot of women and metrosexuals! Hygiene is an important part of life of any person regardless of gender. If you are afraid that friends will understand you wrong when you Paasukese armpit deodorant, know that each has its own gradation of being gay — you cannot please everyone.

4. Easier with caffeine

Caffeine addiction is real, although it sounds very improbable. There are healthier ways to feel in good shape. In addition, your heart will thank you in 30 years, if you refuse to use large amounts of caffeinated beverages.

5. Be aware of most things happening in the world

It is one thing to love football. Another, not knowing that now is the world Cup, and our team played a draw. The same goes for political Affairs and the latest innovations in the world of high technology. We do not encourage you to understand the dirty business of politics, but to be aware of recent events from different sources it is vital to have a clear understanding of what is happening around you.

6. Read

The more you read, the better. Of course, you need to read good literature, not all the dregs, which is now crammed bookshelves. You can say that there is no such thing as good literature, because each person has their own gradation of good literature. It’s a little like this: shit from roses can always be distinguished, how would you last not sprinkled floral water.

7. Less porn more sex

If too long to masturbate, problems with achieving orgasm with a real, not imaginary women are a sad reality. So find yourself, even for one night absolutely a real woman who will help you with your problems. Let the hand relax! Besides, porn is boring. If that’s not exotic porn. And let Tyler Durden from the famous movie says that a real man has to masturbate, we do not think so. Be a man — get a real woman in all senses!

8. Take a vacation or a day off to get my head in order

Go for a walk. Think about their own future and on the issue of Russian belles-lettres. Go to the gym or even do yoga. Do all you can to bring your mind in order and focus on the present moment! A peaceful harbour in a modern city is very difficult to find.

9. Stop trying to perceive women in a negative way

So, enough of the typical women. And, I have to say very much! But this does not mean that they all are, remember the typical men — they are no less narrow-minded and infantile. Enough and enthusiastic ladies and girls with a sense of humor, and interested with his career and pretty, and clever, and even beautiful girl. To perceive the entire female gender as the main enemy of the male sex — the most idiotic idea that could visit your brain. Often think so guys, that women was terrible wrongs in childhood or adolescence. Get rid of complexes and look at the big picture. Do smart people!

10. Make plans for the future

Always think about the future, and you should always have a plan of action for the near future. Spontaneity is a good thing and useful, but it is better to anticipate and to try to reduce the risk of any consequences. Life in the present moment is extremely important because nothing you do there. But if you don’t have any thoughts about the development of your real may depreciate.

11. Ask her out and work on relationships

You look at her many, many weeks and still can’t work up the courage to approach and ask her out on a date? Even if you fail, what do you lose? A little pride? Unworthy of a loss, really! If she doesn’t want to see you as her boyfriend, the situation becomes very clear and transparent. You’ll know exactly what to look for his Princess must be in another place.

12. If you’re going to be with her, treat her in a special way

Relations for the calculation can be not only for money but for the sake of obvious convenience. How often have we all struck up a relationship just to stop being alone? A lot of times. Serious relationship makes sense to start only with a special girl you love or to which you have a very great liking. In the end, the relationship with the unloved will be a torture not only for her but for you. Respect his lady!

13. Don’t underestimate the importance of foreplay

Every girl wants to be the center of attention, and the prelude — this is it! She gets more attention and feels special and unusual. Give her this wonderful moment!

14. Stop having sex very often

What?? Not perturbed, friend! We are not asking you to completely abandon this right of the case. Just give yourself a little sexual post. For example, a week without sex. Or even two. It is impossible to masturbate! We can assure you that after this period of time you wish you were my woman more than anything.

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