How to be the black sheep when you’re over twenty?

as different from the otherThe desire to be different from others does not come with adolescence. It stays with us into adulthood — that’s why girls don’t like it when someone has the same dress, and we aim to buy a smartphone cooler. Everyone wants to stand out and there are different ways. Someone who is forever stuck in the past, the habit of trying to reward as many outrageous and so not original, but, alas, ridiculous. How not to stumble and stand out, not finding yourself an idiot?

Teenage way

1. Make a wacky hairstyle and dye your hair.

2. To make as many piercings.

3. To dress the way that you looked.

4. To speak so that no one will understand without the Anglo-Russian dictionary.

5. Love the music no one else listens to — not because you like her, but because you’re special.

6. To be very mysterious and nothing about himself to tell.

7. Under no circumstances disagree with the majority.

8. To start learning a completely useless language because one day I want to move from this country to places where people still clean and nothing is damaged.

9. To speak and act like an adult.

10. Hanging out with questionable people: musicians, artists, environmentalists, emo, etc.

11. Be proud of how much they drank.

12. Try all to open their eyes and turn their world view upside its head.

13. Choose who you want to be friends and who to make your enemy.

14. Bragging who you slept yesterday.

15. Do not give descent. Just let them try something to tell you!

Adult way

1. Make yourself the coolest tattoo and not to talk about it.

2. Not to talk about his past.

3. Not to brag.

4. Not to discuss the money.

5. Make others laugh.

6. To take the risk.

7. Allow at least one person to take the brain.

8. Experimenting with universities and contractors.

9. The arguments not to agree with the majority.

10. To be purposeful.

11. Sarcasm.

12. All the teasing.

13. If the suit and shirt you suffocate, abandon them.

14. Don’t worry about the details.

15. In my heart to stay baby.

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