How to be polite in a rude world


Hi, Happy New year to you, thank you for what you are. Without you would be a lot of questions remained unanswered, but life would be more difficult at times. God give you long and prosperity.

So, go to my question. Recently came across an article on these words: «Be courteous, polite and well-mannered…». Everything seems to be very clear and understandable. Politeness, good breeding. But what these words imply in our reality? How to be polite in a world where everyone tries to prank you, educated people can be brought in the Red book, and pass the girls ahead of him is a real excitement for ladies?

The answer

Hey, buddy — for you and your question. Nice to know that we help to sort out this damn complicated life. But put aside the pleasantries and get to the answer — he’s adamant, unwavering and solid.

For a start, remember our little series of articles about manners, which we wrote specially for you to understand that politeness is not for beauty, but for the case. Manners, good manners, gallantry — these are phenomena that have shaped our civilization. They appeared not yesterday and not even the day before — courtesy is always accompanied by civilized man. Of course, she had changed, so today it seems to us that courtesy has gone to bed, and walking on the street one cattle. In fact, if this were entirely the case, then we would still be living in a cave. But thank social evolution, we have gone far ahead from their ancestors.

And if in the Middle ages, the veneer of politeness was part of the image of the aristocracy, the New time has brought a whole class gentle men who called themselves gentlemen. This Anglo-Saxon culture, which, however, has infected the entire Western world. The rules of conduct of a gentleman and is considered an ideal code of politeness for men. Don’t be afraid of obsolescence gentleman — courtesy was never the norm in the absolute. Look at other eras. You see at least one where all men were honest, fair and shake hands with the ladies? Cattle has always been, is and will be. And there will always be those who want to erase you in a powder, tripped, destroy your condition. You say that «educated people can be brought in the Red book,» but you quite forget that it has always been. To be nurtured is a virtue, and virtues endowed with only a narrow stratum of the population.

So you should not see as people communicate in the modern world. If you take the average, then you always run into a mediocrity from which to take an example is not necessary. This does not mean that you should become arrogant Cockerel, which will seem like a clown in any company. This means that you just need to raise their standards in defiance to societal norms. And it is simple, because no special cultural shifts in 2017 did not happen. To be polite means to miss the girl forward, to give her a handkerchief when she cries, or put her a chair. Yes, little things catch your eye, but they are necessary for a full life. Modern realities are not in opposition to them.Also, you need to forget about the dull perception of reality, which tells you that everyone wants you to play a prank. This is not so. Today we live in a much more relaxed and good-natured than ever. It’s hard to believe, especially if you watch the news on TV every day where someone cut and raped. But if we make a comparative analysis with other periods, the XXI century is the century of polite people. The world never was so quiet, people never were so smart. It’s weird to hear, but it’s true. And there are reasons. So give a chance to humanity and yourself. To be a polite person more difficult than to be Pithecanthropus, but enjoy this much more. In addition, good manners and politeness is the basis of this self-respect and the protection of personal degradation. In the affluent society (mocking sounds in which we live) all this is extremely important.

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