How to be persuasive in order to please the majority

Recently our office has received a question, the essence of which boiled down to the basic and pressing: how to be persuasive, to please the majority? We thought that the specificity of the question is too narrow, and will be much more useful to write about it separate article, because the subject is painful, and leaders want to be almost everything. But not all know the language even a passable roll.

Lead intelligence before speaking

manygoodtips.com_1.12.2016_JCiPAWHiuQbmoIt would be good to know who you have to deal with, it is so much easier to approach. Much easier to think in advance a plan to ohmureniya personalities than to understand on the spot. It takes time, and it often does not happen. Every detail is important: from information to Hobbies is revealing things that will tell you what pressure is and what is not, what about this man, and it is not entirely clear.

The main disadvantage — don’t always know in advance with whom you will deal. So go directly to the second paragraph.

Who you are dealing with

The most important thing is to understand how your interlocutors are familiar with the topic. Do not have to spy on them and gather the crumbs of information, blackmailing their relatives. Enough to do it in the beginning of the conversation with the abstract questions. Because people uninitiated can invent, but if a citizen knows the topic by heart, you better not even tease, and otherwise disgraced.

Carefully prepare

I almost forgot: you will have to be bilingual in affected subjects. Regardless of whether it is encyclopaedic knowledge, or your personal reflections on the private life. The first thing you should do is to know what to say, and say it’s a continuous stream, without hesitation. Men appreciate clothing and language. If you constantly make pauses and confused words — to convince a person is difficult.

You know, as do most TV speakers? Say memorized phrases, even of its own production, making the most of homework. Of course, you need to shovel a mountain of information and thinking too much about different things, but if nature has not endowed a flexible mind and the talent to compose a graceful phrase on the go — have to work.

However, in this case there are two Chita:

— Learn a few obscure words that will be your life buoy in the course of conversation. Build your narrative from them.

— Write home work. On any topic, just write down your views in order to develop the skill of fine composition.

Get ready for any your pass will be immediately noticed. It’s human nature to look for the bad.

Speak in plain language

For the most part, the people you’re trying to convince are idiots. Not scholars, but ordinary idiots. And idiots absolutely can not attack kantselyarizmami and complex words, it should be simple, but not without blotches reasonable time frame, so be sure to sounded better. The perfect balance of beauty and simplicity — 1 to 5. Think about it, who would you believe more: the man who sprinkles unfamiliar terms, or intelligent person, which explains clear, correct language, and even dilutes it’s all facts. It seems that the answer is obvious.

And don’t forget the accent, end and the correct language.

Join in the dispute

Feel free to argue and to doubt the correctness of the statements. So you show yourself to be a person extremely self-righteous. Besides, this is another chance to remind yourself. Any doubtful thing should not pass by you. Let your accusations and doubt retort — to hell with them, as long as they were anything like reasonable. That is, to doubt questionable, and not all in a row.

People by nature tend to go for the leader, the leader is a person active and sure of himself. And what is belief, not as the result of the manifestation of leadership?

Any neat and polite

You may not agree, but you can’t be rude, swear and argue. In any case.

Brawlers don’t like kicker don’t believe. There are intelligent people who will think that the scandal is the result of lack of position. Moreover, it is impossible to convince the person you just humiliated. He’ll just be in the fundamental position and will swear to eat your children.

Attention and respect

manygoodtips.com_1.12.2016_BCSXrENLoztg0Listen carefully to his interlocutor, even if he annoys you. This way you will be able to stand out from all the other people with whom he ever argued.

Powerful weapon is to say the following: «Yes, that’s it, you’re right, it’s a good idea, but otherwise you’re not human…». When a person feels that his thoughts did, and he can listen to yours.

Remember the so-called «rule sequence»: first, tell a person what he agree (even if it’s completely obvious) and then his point of view. The probability of consent in this case is increased many times over.

Many this technique absolutely will not like it, but, unfortunately, blatant flattery is still one of the most effective tools of persuasion.

People love benefits and profits

Man is essentially vile, and he will follow those who offer the most favorable conditions. Just need to convince the right, it’s a very fine science. Start with a colorful description of what they will lose as all around the single promise of profit. You, too, will tell you that the other person will gain if I follow you, but only after terrible stories about losing.

Use «we»

The use of «we» implies a community and support. If someone says, «You need this product to look better; you want this product to become more successful,» you will treat this with skepticism and maybe even resentment. The use of «you» distinguishes man from the group of people, and you don’t need.

Instead, imagine that a man convinces you to do something with the words: «We need this product to look better; all use this product and become more successful in life.» It sounds so much more convincing. It seems that all is already solved — no need to think, only to obey. Elementary psychology in action.

Everyone is doing it

Heard about the research of conformism ash? A group of people was in one room, and nobody knew what was going on. There were a few lines, short and long. The group decided to choose the long line, and almost all agreed. Thus a person is under pressure. All others do it, therefore so do we.

Tell the person that a lot of people are already doing it, including those whom he knows and respects. The most important thing. If you respect a person, it is much harder to condemn his actions.

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