How to be optimistic

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Optimistic cool to be in all respects. It is good for health. It helps to have friends and good relationships at work and to improve skills of interaction with people. Optimism is certainly not determined by the economy and any other external factors. It arises from the inside – from a positive attitude to the world, which carries a philosophical approach to bad news and setbacks. Like everything in the world, optimism can be learned.

Today we will give you some practical advice on how to be an optimist.

1. Limit the impact on themselves sad people

Paul Stanley, the guy with the crazy group KISS, which was painted the face in black and white colors and wore huge boots on a high platform, saying that if you want to know something horrible and sad, turn on the news. If you want fun, come to a KISS concert. And because he knew what he’s talking about!

Limit communication with the pessimists, see less bad news. In our days you can meet both at every turn – but do you feel better? Choose the regular news sites. Bad news always happen, but it is not necessary to look for information about them on all available sites. I have a bro who is very interested in any occurred seamy side, seeks out the news on these terrible themes, and then tells them to me. So I hang out with him more a couple times a month to absolutely crazy not to go.

2. Smile more often

This may seem very trivial advice, but that’s life. The more you smile, the higher your mood. Even conducted studies that have proven that a smile you can fool the brain: smile for a few minutes, even if there is nothing to smile, the brain will believe that you do have a lot of fun – and the mood will rise. It’s not cool?

3. Believe in the best outcome

Also a simple thing: try to stick to the concept of the «glass half full». When it doesn’t look quite so crazy an idea, believe in the best of possible outcomes – or at least focus on the most desirable consequences and issues. So you’re not a fool in rose-colored glasses, you’re a realist, just with a fresh look at things. Of course, it is important to look facts in the face, but it is equally important to find them non-standard approach, to solve the problem in a new way – a positive way of looking at things will help you with that.

4. Learn to respond to events constructively

Instead of dwelling on the worst, look for the best moments, especially when talking with friends about your personal Affairs. Turn off this mode fool who always answers «no», take steps to implement their goals, and not just passively watch happens this and that. Behave with your friends: when, for example, your bro loses his job, you can sympathize with, and can remind him about the positive points of his life: of past victories – that will inspire him. You can tell him that the search for a new job priveltn it to better results than awaited him at the old place.

5. Look for a ray of hope

Optimists know that no matter what life goes on. Clichés like «tomorrow is a new day» and «the Earth will not stop turning» also mean something to these guys.

It is absurd to think that the financial market will forever lie in ruins. The optimist tends to the negative side of things, it is seeking ways to climb to his feet, at the same time overestimating their own strength and how to manage them, what benefits it can from the extract. What thinks the optimist during the financial crisis? For example, that borrow a bunch of money doesn’t solve the problem, you still will not become happier from it. And that is a great lesson for the younger generation.

Of course, anytime there were people who predicted a terrible future and was looking around for signs of the day of judgment. But you can also think about the fact that life goes on, days follow each other, everything goes on as usual, albeit with minor changes. The choice is yours, but we believe that the best choice is the one that gives us hope; that the day will fill us with joy and expectation of something better.

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