How to be mentally and physically healthy: the correct and healthy food

Mental and physical health are closely related. If you maintain good physical shape, you have in mind going to be all right. If you wreck in a physical sense, you’re a wreck and in the head. «Orandum est, ut sit mens sana in corpore sano», said the Roman poet Decimus Junius Juvenal. This idea to trim, and now everyone knows that only in a healthy body — healthy spirit.So, throw out medicines, injections and operations side. Let’s look at your refrigerator to find out how you launched your stomach.

Food is the most important aspect of health

You’ve probably heard the saying, «You are what you eat». But what exactly does it mean? Simply put, food is fuel, and what fuel you refuel, determines the types of nutrients in your biological system. These nutrients affect the functioning of the mind and body. If you eat bad food, you usually feel bad.

Food can play a constructive role in treating one of the most common diseases of the XXI century — depression. This does not mean that healthy food can be seen as a replacement for medication or psychotherapy, but it may go further. This is an important addition, because a lot of people seriously believe that a healthy lifestyle can defeat all diseases. This is not so. Disease do not tolerate such arrogance, so if you feel bad, then don’t limit your treatment broccoli and honey.


If you have depression, you will help the combination of psychotherapy, antidepressants and healthy food which contains folic acid, vitamin D and omega-3. You say the doctors themselves, but if this does not happen, you have to keep in mind that the diet is necessary.

Increased consumption of folic acid helps to reduce the symptoms of this mental illness. Folic acid in large quantity contain leafy green vegetables such as spinach and Kale. You should also pay attention to whole grains, nuts, beans and fruit.

The level of depression is higher in individuals with deficiency of vitamin D. Fatty fish (salmon and tuna) contain a natural source of vitamin D. orange juice, milk and Breakfast cereals present vitamin D as a Supplement. Eating foods with vitamin D, therefore, helps to cope with depression.

Some studies show that omega-3 can also be useful in the treatment of depression. This element stabilizes the mood. Besides omega-3 may enhance the effectiveness of conventional antidepressants. We recommend you to pay attention to fatty fish (salmon, trout, mackerel, sardines, anchovies) as the most serious source of omega-3. These fatty acids can also be found in walnuts, flax oil, olive oil, fresh Basilica and dark green leafy vegetables.


Studies have shown that when people take probiotics (supplements containing beneficial bacteria), their level of anxiety, perception of stress and mental situation may change. It is known that some teas can reduce anxiety. Chamomile tea is a natural sedative. A balancing effect on stress hormones is also African Rooibos tea.

Acid tryptophan is associated with feelings of peace. It is in soybeans, eggs, cheese are products with a high content of tryptophan.

Thus, should not be limited to just «wheels» or psychotherapy, if you want to overcome anxiety disorder. Proper diet also needs to be included in the treatment plan.

The syndrome of attention deficit and hyperactivity

The syndrome first manifests itself in childhood. He can accompany you a lifetime, which affects the quality of life. For example, you completely deprived of the ability to concentrate. This affects work and personal life.

You should start with protein. It can help to improve concentration. Good sources of protein are beans, cheese, eggs, meat and nuts.

Complex carbohydrates may help in the problem with sleep, which also appears in people who suffer from this syndrome. In this context, we should pay attention to vegetables and some fruits: oranges, tangerines, pears, grapefruit, apples and kiwi. You should eat them in the evening. You can’t do without fatty acids omega-3, which we wrote above — they also increase the concentration.

In General, we discussed the three most common mental illnesses, which you can partially cope on their own. As you can see, the food in the fight against mental illness plays a role. Next time we’ll take these diseases, but consider them from a different angle — through the prism of regular physical exercises. So if you have any problems, don’t worry — one will not leave you.

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