How to be honest in a world of universal lies

For the sake

Honesty is forgotten as a personality that used to be inherent to every business man. Today you will find guide of lying, and spying, than a practical guide on the path of honesty. It is not just this quality is a virtue. To be an honest man would mean to be a man is reliable and responsible. Such people were those who I looked up to the rest of society.

In the era of digital technology, cheating has become a leading phenomenon in the field of public relations. Deceive friends, neighbors and colleagues. Cheating movie stars, doctors and traffic police. Girls cheat you and you cheat on girls. Cheating has become so commonplace that slowly develops into a natural border, but, nevertheless, honesty may still defend its position — it has a lot of advantages, more than you think.

Be honest, root out the lies

Dishonest people usually don’t have a particular personal values. All their actions are based on the desire to get something from other people, not by a desire to achieve something. If you learn to recognize a destructive quality, you can begin rehabilitation. Don’t blame yourself or the people who raised you. Many beliefs are passed down from generation to generation on a subconscious level. However, if you realize the problem, you can work with her to adopt a new system of values, the cornerstone of which would be honesty.

1 Set personal boundaries you Need to create a small system of personal boundaries, something like the honor code, which was adopted by the Russian officers in the Empire. This code should be a certain set of rules that must not be allowed to disrupt others and especially myself. If you live by a code of honor, then, sooner or later, but you will begin to form true dignity, which was, it seems, forgotten by the contemporary men. The presence of honor is a prerequisite for the formation of personality in the style of «the man who responsible for his words».

2 Live responsibly and consciously

Dan Ariely, Professor of psychology and behavioral Economics, said that people tend to become less honest when distracted, depleted, or fill your brain with tons of unnecessary information. To stay within their system of values — this means to regularly assess their actions and to follow it. Can not resist the onslaught of the illusory «truths» that every day try to break your will. If you chose a certain path, then go for it consciously. Be faithful to its positions, which, however, does not mean stupid conservative views when ever a new person is perceived in bayonets. 3 Determine the cause Before you embark on the path of honesty, you need to answer the question: «Why do I need it?» If the answer is rapidly, and it is your goal, which is to suppress all impulsive desires, which are so abundant in weekdays. To act honestly, ideally you because to do so «correctly», but on the other hand, if you have a reason to be honest, it will be easier.

4 Use feedback

To accept criticism from others can be difficult, not to everyone under force. In any criticism faced two opinions that are hostile to each other. If you notice, disputes the age of postmodernism, no one comes out the winner. All because no one knows how to take criticism, as I perceived him before. We disparagingly refer to him, consider themselves to be geniuses in all aspects of life, and therefore often lie to quickly solve the problem. But you can go the other way — to install a deep feedback with someone to find common ground. When there is something in common between you and your critic, it is always easier to be honest and not to abandon his original intentions.

5 take Care of every «moment of truth»

To find the truth in the modern world is almost as real how to find a living mammoth. But if it happens that you see before you the real truth — grab it by the balls, take it off the camera and let it lock into your memory. Moments of truth — these are the pictures that will show you Death when your time comes. You must save as many of these frames to be able to rely on something important, real, and alive, and not on fiction. The more you will retain the «moments of truth», the easier it will be to remain an honest man.

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