How to be happier in 100 days. Part 1

Contrary to popular belief, is not necessarily cool to change lives, to improve its quality. At the same time, you don’t have to wait long to notice positive changes. All you need is to make small, but permanent steps for one hundred days. In our post you will find 60 ways to improve your life for three months — exactly one hundred days.


1. To paint for himself a 100-day calendar shoveling unnecessary. For example:

  • Day 1: disassemble the magazines.
  • Day 2: disassemble the disks.
  • Day 3: the books.
  • Day 4: throw out unnecessary kitchen cabinets.


2. Your place for each thing, each thing in its place. In the next 100 days go instructions:

  • If you take the thing, put her in her place.
  • If open, close it.
  • If they throw up there.
  • If off, hang up.


3. Find home 100 things that need to improve, and to establish one a day. For example:

  • Burned out light bulb that needs to be replaced.
  • Button detached from the shirt.
  • The fact that, opening a wall Cabinet in the kitchen every time you’re forced to catch you falling plastic containers.


4. Daily write down on paper five to ten things for which you’re grateful.

5. Make a list of 20 things you love to do, and perform at least one of them daily for 100 days. What can be included in the list?

  • Lunch on the street.
  • Call a friend to chat.
  • To read the book.


6. Evaluate your internal monologue: positive and negative sides.

  • How many times a day do you swear?
  • You feel that something goes wrong?
  • You constantly think about what others you don’t like?
  • How many positive thoughts did you have during the day?

Pay attention to accompanying these emotions. In the next 90 days try to maximize the number of positive emotions and stop your internal monologue.

7. In the next 100 days, laugh heartily at least once a day. You can go to funny sites, or the public in Sistah.

Professional development and training

8. Pick a book, reading requires effort and concentration, and procetive at least a little every day to 100 days to reach the end.

9. Set a goal to learn something new every day: what is the flower in the flowerbed in front of the house, the capital of a distant country, etc. If you go to bed and realize that nothing learned today, take the dictionary or the dictionary of foreign words and learn something from there.

10. Stop complaining for 100 days. Negative things impel us to negative thoughts, and negative thoughts lead to negative results. In the next 100 days, whenever you catch yourself on complaints, immediately stop them.

11. Put your alarm a minute earlier every day for the next 100 days. Get up immediately after he’ll Wake you up, open the window and look outside. After 100 days you’ll Wake up early for an hour and forty minutes, and it’s a lot.

12. In the next 100 days, let him first what you’re doing, to be writing three pages of handwritten text, stream of consciousness. Then all the rest.

13. Make your goal in 100 days to fill yourself with thoughts, words and images of what you want to be, what you want and what you want to achieve.


14. Create a spending plan (budget). Track every penny spent and keep the budget in the next 100 days.

15. Search the Internet for advice on a reasonable expenditure and stick to ten of them, for example:

  • Go to a store with cash and a calculator, don’t use a map.
  • Before going to the store, make a list, not to buy too much.
  • Give up cable television.
  • Ask yourself, do you need a landline phone.

Then check out how much money you saved over the course of 100 days.

16. In the next 100 days to pay for everything with paper money and collect detail that will give you the change. Coins put in the Bank and continue to throw there a trifle.


17. Don’t buy something I absolutely don’t need, for 100 days. The money saved, send to:

  • To distribute the debt and to pay on loans if you have them.
  • To increase its stabilization Fund.
  • To start investing.


18. Each day allocate a time to create a source of passive income.


19. In the next 100 days everywhere carry a Notepad in order not to overload the brain. Write down everything that it was kept in a fixed version somewhere other than your head and then decide what to do with all this. What to write?

  • Ideas.
  • Meeting.
  • To-do list.


20. Within five days examine how you’re wasting your time. Use the information collected to create a time budget: how much time should be given to make it work:

  • Work around the house.
  • Rest.
  • Work.


21. Think of the worst thing you could throw on the next 100 days, and devote that time to — to do something important.


22. Companies, you pointless waste of time, and limit it simply to have fun, but in General do not hurt yourself. Examples:

  • Watch TV more than an hour a day.
  • Spending in social networks is not more than half an hour a day.
  • Play video games no more than 20 minutes a day.


23. For the next 100 days tie with multitasking. Do one thing at a time.

24. In the 100 days plan your day ahead the previous evening.

25. In the next 100 days, first of all, do your most important task for today, and then move on to the rest.

26. In the next 14 weeks at the end of each week analyze the past seven days. Answer the following questions:

  • What kind of things I brought to an end?
  • What went wrong?
  • What was right and good?


27. In the next 100 days at the end of each day, do the cleaning on your desktop, spread the paper and brings order to the workplace, to the next day to start work without interference.

28. Create a list of your activities, responsibilities, and obligations for the next 100 days. Then take the red pen and cross out everything that brings you joy and use.

29. In these 100 days, every time when switch to new business, stop and ask yourself: «is This the best use of my time right now?»

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