How to be a welcome guest

how to be a welcome guest

Finally, the summer came, and with it the holiday season. A big part of the dudes in the summer where anything goes: who in the village to the grandmother, who in other cities, and who is abroad. Everything is clear: hotel, all of it, you have no matter how to behave. But when you go somewhere with friends or relatives, is another matter. There is a lot of different nuances, which house you don’t even remember — and away it turns out that even the simplest thing can be a problem. To feel comfortable and not to cause anyone discomfort, follow our recommendations and your vacation will be a success.

1. Buy food. If you were going to be away for a few days, it’s fitting that you’ll buy something for dinner. The owners don’t have to stop you. Moreover, because this is partly a festive event so why not make a contribution to a festive table? If you stopped just for a day — invite your hosts out to dinner — they will appreciate it.

2. Come at the appointed time. If you said come Saturday morning, come Saturday morning. If you for some reason are late, call and warn about it so people are not waiting in vain and could go about their business.

3. Bring a gift. It’s such a etiquette form — it is customary to bring a gift. So you will show your gratitude and make nice — nice.

4. The contents of my room in order. Every day before leaving, show the bed and clean the room — let there will be no mess. My dishes.

5. Offer to do chores. Always be not against to offer help. Help cook dinner, wash the dishes, take out the trash. As a rule, not asking the guests, so just Vizovice on it myself.

6. Don’t care — let life at home goes on as usual. Of course, your friends or relatives want to show you the city, take you somewhere, but do not abuse it. Try to build your routine so that it does not violate the usual course of family life, where you stopped.

7. Keep hosts informed of your schedule. This will allow them to plan what time to prepare to eat and when to get up and go to sleep.

8. Do not neglect the company of his owners. If you have business in the city where live your friends, you probably don’t want to just do business, but also to see them. So do not neglect them otherwise they will feel free hotel. See the city while your friend is at work, and at night give you some General entertainment. And then invited him to her for a visit.

9. Come with specific requests that you want to watch. Of course, the owners will be able to offer you a choice of several different museums, theatres, etc., but they will not be able to entertain you all day.

10. Even if you don’t like the entertainment that you offer, keep it to yourself. It is not necessary to go everywhere with a sour mine: the guys try hard to entertain you. Show that you appreciate it.

11. Do not criticize their city. For example, if you’re from Moscow, and you for some reason brought to Irkutsk, you shouldn’t compare this provincial city to the capital and say, we are the best. Find something to praise a foreign city: as a rule, the people love him.

12. Always ask permission. Remember: you’re a guest. Even if you are told to feel at home, anyway ask before to use one or the other thing. It’s just being polite.

13. Guests not too long. Try to keep a maximum of three days. Because your friends or relatives to have something to do — they cannot give you attention.

14. Take off the bed linen before you leave. Most likely, the owner will want to wash bed linen — a little lighten her task.

15. Write a letter of thanks. This will show that you appreciated the attention of his friends. Invite them to his guests.

Know more useful tips? Share them with the guys in the comments!

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