How to be a Shiner


The best way to do something with a Shiner — it does not get it. Or close the face when they beat you. In fact, Shiner is a common bruise, albeit in the wrong place. In most cases, a black eye is not a serious injury, just someone who hit you so that the burst capillaries. The blood that has resulted and is under the skin. What to do with this wealth?

1. Wash

Wash your eye with soap and water very carefully. If you have small cuts, they need to be disinfected. Then soak a black towel. If you’re not a masochist. In this case, three of the soul.

2. Put some ice on it

If you’ve in the refrigerator have ice in a plastic container or frozen vegetables, wrap them in a bag, then a towel, and then is pressed against the damaged area of the skin. Cold compresses should be applied to the eye no longer than 10 minutes with intervals. This will help reduce edema, damaged blood vessels are narrowed, and subcutaneous bleeding stops. Better not to use raw meat: looks maybe cool, but it’s full of bacteria and if they would work my way under the skin, bruises will be added, and infection. You don’t need it. If you sit a while with the eye pressed against the ice, but you’re losing sight and developing a migraine, that means that your condition is much worse than you think, so it’s best to consult a doctor.

3. Keep your head up

And I in a literal sense! Like all other parts of the body, the eye will swell more if the blood will be around him. When you are awake, there is no problem, but when sleeping, try to put under your head with an extra pillow or two. Standing sleep better don’t try: as a rule, does not work. Although one of my friends cadet says that with practice even learned how to NAP on the go.

4. Disguise

I don’t mean mask — try cream of his girlfriend. Let me explain. A black eye is never on time, and off the hot water. We all every day have to leave the house and interact with people (of course, if we are not freelancers). A bit of Foundation — and life will seem much less awful. At least you will no longer feel that on the street all staring at you. How to use it? A little cream applied to the bruise and shade. Not the most pleasant experience, but much better than all day to be the center of everyone’s negative attention.

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