How to be a man: a practical guide

What does it mean today to be a man? How can I Express my peasant nature, but it does not become neither a goat, nor a heartless asshole? In this always able to understand!

To accept these decisions

The man understands and respects the power of choice. He lives by his own ideas about how it should. He knows that if does not make the decision in his life, he immediately formed the stasis, and therefore always chooses his own way.

When he makes a decision, he opens doors to his desires and closes the door to whatever it wants. Man sets a goal and strives for it at full speed. There is no guarantee that he will reach it, and he knows it, but he did not need any warranty. When a man follows his trail, he won’t care, even if against his will the whole world.

First of all planes

And the girls, of course, then. The man who first puts the relationship (or family) is either lying to himself or the weak and he can’t be trusted. He is not a peasant system of values. A man who considers others more important than yourself, no not a man – he’s just immature.

The man knows what he should be doing something more important than the needs of a handful of people. He doesn’t want him tamed, he wants to take responsibility for something meaningful. He knows that ignoring it becomes neomarica. When others see that he has beliefs, values and ideals, trust him, respect him, even if not directly support. The easiest way to lose someone’s respect for men (and self-respect too) is to betray their beliefs.

Life will test the man to he revealed. He will have many opportunities to betray yourself for someone else’s approval. He will tempt, but he needs to survive under this onslaught. When a man donates his views, he loses his freedom and himself. Now he can only regret.

Desire failure

A real man wants to make mistakes. He wants to make a mistake. This man is a great pleasure to try and fail than do nothing.

The man trusts himself, and this is his strength. He never asks for a hundred times whether he does, he is not worried about failure – so he would only make himself weaker. Intelligent man considers the possibility of failure, but does not burden himself early experiences. He understands that if there is failure, it will be able to cope with it.

Husband even more growing through failures than through successes. Success cannot test his resolve as a failure. Success is not a test, but my husband just studying for the test when at risk. If all the time take care of the security, sooner or later you will lose strength and zeal.


The man speaks and acts confidently. He knows his worth.

People don’t adopt a confident posture to add confidence: he just knows that everything will work out. A person often knows that the case will probably end in failure, however, when signs of failure in stock, it is still not lose confidence. Not because it rose-colored glasses or he used to deny it. The fact that it has the power and he wouldn’t doubt himself. Thanks to her he’s persistent.

The man wants the world defeated him. He wants that the circumstances got the better of him, but refuses to lose his head and to retreat because of insecurity and constant doubt. He knows when to stop trusting yourself, you lose yourself forever. He surrenders to fate, if this is necessary, but not succumbing to fear.

The manifestation of love

Together it gives, not receives. He was the first to initiate communication, he asked if you needed anything, the first one says: «I love you». Wait until someone takes the first step, it is unacceptable.

Redirect sexual energy

If someone scares his masculinity – well, that’s their right. For him there is no need to be less of a man to someone not to scare. Man knows the consequences of what he a man is of the same nature.

However, he will never allow lust to take control. It redirects my sexual energy in the head, so she could serve a higher purpose, rather than to encourage the animal instincts.

A man walks toward fear

For men fear of something is reason enough to do it. Men’s fear is a challenge, which suggests that it is necessary to check yourself for strength. When a man hides from his fears, he is afraid to know yourself. So he begins to feel fear, helplessness, and depression. The man unbearable feeling of hopelessness, and he will do anything to get rid of it. Only met with his fear, he finds peace.

The person is in danger. He’s not running and hiding – he turns to face my fear and come to grips with it. On either success or failure. Never try just cowards.


He deliberately chooses his friends and women. He is actively seeking the company of people that inspire him, challenge him, and parted with those who pulls him back.

People do not accuse others of that, it has problems. If the relationship has outlived its usefulness, the husband finishes them and moves on without a hint of guilt.

He starts a relationship consciously. It takes a conscious decision to be with someone. A person teaches others how to treat them, feeding them by example with their own relationships. He refuses to fill your life with negativity and destructive emotions.

The man knows how to die

The most important task of any man to develop his inner power and Express yourself. When he did this, he is ready to die. If he did not, death becomes his enemy and hangs over him like the sword of Damocles.

Husband can’t die honorably, if not lived with dignity. The part of the worthy life consists in accepting their own mortality and the transience of his own existence. When a person faces imminent death, and sees it as an enemy and ally, he finally gets stronger. So the man is not ready for life until you learn that dead.

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