How to be a leader in the eyes of friends

You’re the glue. Not a «Moment», but also good. You’re the glue that holds the entire company. At least you think so. But you don’t want to stop, you want to become better, to become a true leader, that will be accessed for advice the next 50 years. To be a leader among friends is not easy, because everyone wants to try on this title, but we certainly found ways that will help to win this nomination.

1. Take the lead in organizing

manygoodtips.com_9.06.2016_dZ1duRy92vzfqThis means that you need to find out about the tickets, to take into account any fees, a fee for Parking near the bar and table bookings. That is, to take into account all the unforeseen costs that can impact on a cool evening with friends. Your friends will perceive you as a leader, if you take all these responsibilities on themselves. Of course, to pay for all this not you, and equally, otherwise, no leadership, don’t you see – be a boy.

2. Find a compromise

If you plan, then take into account these seemingly small things, like the menu, variety of drink, the presence or absence of Striptease and more. If you know that one of your friends will complain that the menu does not have ginger beer, and the second one will be angry about the irritation first, then you’re going the wrong way. You should know the tastes of their friends, their desires and find a compromise to the whole, absolutely the whole company was good. This applies to trips, movies and so on. However, if one moron breaks off the buzz, maybe next time its better not to invite?

3. Beginners

Gently pull in your company: their habits need to know. Before inviting bar someone give the answer to a few questions. How much he can drink? You can tell a personal story? How others will react to his appearance? Is everyone comfortable? Not necessarily account for all the details, because the newcomers and the old guard – adults.

4. Don’t be a hero

manygoodtips.com_9.06.2016_VFy9aqHjsdTHEIf you signed up for cooking classes, you not touted your perfect tiramisu. Be modest, don’t need extra self-centeredness, because it’s annoying absolutely everyone, really. There’s nothing worse than a guy in a company who only talks about his positive qualities. Such people spoil the mood of all present.

5. Be flexible (even if it is unpleasant)

Some of us are natural-born organizers. We can easily communicate with people, to call them to come earlier, after analyzing all the necessary information. We have built the entire route, the whole scenario long before the event itself. But our friends that can not be. They may be late, may fail, unable to do shit when the time becomes less, and you will not have time. Take a deep breath, if your friends stuck in the zoo with the penguin and not want to go to the next location. Everything will be fine, and sometimes all of us need to see the penguins.

6. Poker Face

Sometimes not everything goes according to plan: at the bar as quiet as a burial ground, and the party is a sad bunch of wieners. This is bad, I agree. But if you messed up his organization a cool Friday night, this is not a reason to defend themselves from accusations. Try next week again, laugh at your mistakes, on their weaknesses and not have conflicts. Did not work today will work tomorrow.

7. If everything is cool

Don’t worry a new meeting next week. At least, not immediately after it passed. Wait a moment, let the people enjoy the last party, even to go home, drink, Alka-Seltzer, oboshyut all. And you this time relax and enjoy the fact that you had a great time with your friends. You made a miracle – he received the loyalty of the people with good mood, without losing anything.

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