How to be a hospitable host already told you how to be a good guest, and in that column we advise you to invite friends over to visit. Even if they don’t come, you still will one day have to host guests. Maybe you never thought that hospitality is an art. In many cultures it was considered an integral feature of a real man — remember at least the same of Homer and his «Odyssey» and «iliadi» — the ancient Greeks always feasting each other, often in a few days! To be hospitable in our days, so give your guest room and bed, but that’s not all. A good host can make the stay of guest comfortable and happy. For some guys, who acquired their own housing, the upcoming holiday season often threatens (or not) the arrivals of the guests. Follow our simple guidelines and you will not hit the dirt face.1. Time to clean of the guest. No one wants to stand at the airport with that kind of idiot and understand that there has been a failure, and after him no one came. And Vice versa: he will be glad to find you at the airport, once out of the arrival hall.

2. Store foods. Your guest probably on vacation; it will be nice to relax and eat. Don’t leave him at home alone with a jar of old mayonnaise. Make sure the fridge was full.

3. Clean up your hole. After a grueling road there is nothing better than to cross the threshold of the hospitable home. You may not mind living in a mess, but it’s not comfortable for the guest. Get at least the guest room and change bed linen. If you put the guest on the couch, let him be comfortable.

4. Make dinner. Cook food for the guest is an ancient ritual of hospitality. Do not try to repeat the feats of the chef, any attempt will be counted. Always prepare the Breakfast on the first morning after their arrival. This is also something like «welcome».

5. Give guests interesting activities. Want your visit to the city memorable for the guests for a long time? Want to come to you again? Show him your favorite places, plan a few excursions. And can think about activities which will reflect the interests of your guest. If he doesn’t know what to look for in your city, think in advance what to advise him.

6. Don’t look like the guests you are bored. All the guests are afraid to be Intrusive. Never give them a reason to think about it! All his behavior show me how you are glad you came to visit. No need to replay. If you feel annoyed, remember that such visits are extremely rare and soon your guest will be leaving home.

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