How to be a gentleman in the office

We often write about how to behave at the table, in the gym. Remind the basic rules of etiquette that nobody in their right mind not come to call thee rude man, who came to the decent people, apparently from the nearby woods.

To be polite and well-mannered man, successful in business, one only the professional skills is not enough. You should know what silent is talking about in the office normal dude, and also some basics of office etiquette.

In the social sphere, the assumption is that you and your interlocutor have the sign of equality, is seen as a matter of course. The business world is a strict hierarchy, and no matter what you work in a large company or in some informal setting of a small firm where the hierarchy is also present, but it does not say so openly.

Work etiquette dictates that employees submit to employers, sellers submit to buyers, and looking for obey spotted dessert.

And now tell the points of what is good and what is bad when it comes to your work.


1. Compliance with the dress code

Introducing a dress code, most companies think first of all about their image. Most often this applies to companies whose work involves regular interaction with people (banking, education or health).

But wherever you worked, you should ensure that your clothes were clean and neat.

2. Hygiene

Your colleagues are forced to share an enclosed space of about eight hours a day or more. Don’t make them flee from you as from the plague of cholera, and discuss how many tons of soap, toothpaste and packs of gum will be able to save a critical situation that you have created with the stench.

3. Keep company secrets secret

Perhaps corporate secrets your company seem like a boring and completely unimportant, but the labour code provides for dismissal of an employee for the disclosure of commercial secrets, which became known in connection with execution of labour duties.

Even if the drain «Palace» of the mysteries in fact does not hurt the firm, you risk to establish itself as irresponsible and negligent employee, who is not what secret, but even the candy carelessly left on the table, can not be trusted.

During the negotiations, or the usual and ordinary conversation hold important documents that are on your Desk, in closed folders. Communication, with regard to the important matters of the company, to conduct behind closed doors, but if the information is really confidential, don’t send it by e-mail: there is no such thing as personal working in the «e-mail»; any information can be monitored by your company and even be removed after you had it removed.

4. Don’t work against the boss — to work with him

If you’re severely messed up, sooner or later your shit comes up, and it would be better if you all at once candidly admit (if you are not able to fix the situation on their own) than someone else will tell the boss into a vivid, often exaggerated colors on your mistakes, wanting once again to curry favor or make you a badass.

5. Replacement that ended

Whether it’s paper in copiers or the last handful of coffee at the «common Fund». Correct, if you’re able to do it.

6. Keep the chain of command

As towards superiors and towards subordinates. Don’t step on toes. Don’t go without a real need on the heads.

7. Treat their subordinates with respect

A healthy atmosphere in the team is well-coordinated work of the whole body of the company. The more round the law of the land has not been canceled, who knows what will happen tomorrow your life can, wrapped completely in an incredible way, and your success will depend on yesterday’s modest and inconspicuous clerk.

Hold the Elevator door and not hide in the corners, trying as quickly as possible and unobtrusively to press the «close» button. Occasionally bring some cookies to the office, treat that fat lady or tortured by the Monday glasses. Few tasty snacks to raise the spirits.


1. To dump responsibility on others

Pitiful and incomprehensible excuses to imagine you in a more heinous light, than the ability to proudly admit their mistakes. If you blame your subordinate, you have to admit that you, as a leader somewhere not keep or did not control, missed something or just did not help. Of course, you don’t have time to follow every step of their employees, but certain conclusions you have to do instead with a red face to scold his careless colleague.

If you blame the failure of the equal position, you just quarrel with those with whom you work and co-exist in the same workspace. Well, if you criticized the Big Boss, I think common sense and a sense of self-preservation will tell you that you absolutely are not recommended to be in a similar situation.

2. Be late for meetings/appointments

Being late can drag the already boring meeting. Employees have to wait for you to start, or have you delved into the matter and tried to learn already eaten material.

3. To linger near the table

There is nothing wrong to look in the neighboring Department to his buddy to say Hello and exchange a few words. But if you notice that he nervously glances at watches, rustling of papers or even is not looking in your direction is a sure sign that it’s time for you to return to your workplace or go walking.

4. There is another food

A real crime that gave rise to a fierce hatred among the millions of office workers. Never!!! do not eat other people’s cookies or sandwiches without asking.

5. To eavesdrop on private phone conversations of colleagues

Of course, personal communication during working hours is discouraged, but it is always traditionally, or at lunch, or at the door of the office, or in the toilet. And if you became an accidental witness, as your colleague for something chastises his son, it is better to pretend that did not hear anything than approach it and suddenly ask, «so, what’s your sibling has done? How do you say his name?».

6. Listen to the radio/music/videos on Youtube without headphones

Not everyone shares your passion for Slipknot or Korn.

7. Let your personal life interfere with business

This does not mean that you have to be a soulless asshole and live apart from the others, setting in the corner of the table your career. But to be late for work due to the fact that you had a rough night or ask for a raise if you spent all that money on booze and Chicks, wrong scenario.

8. To return to his former place of work

The business world is very different from the General principles of the social world of interpersonal interactions.

In the social sphere, having close friendships, you reasonably assume that they will continue regardless of wherever you threw the fate.

But when you leave the company, determined that it’s time for you to move on, often working relationships are left in the walls of the office from where you left. It is not necessary to return to previous working place and expect that you will be welcomed as the missing and long-awaited friend. Most likely situation would be at least awkward.

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