How to avoid unpleasant odors in the kitchen or to get rid of the pop

Again, I return to the household question and give you some tips that will help avoid odors in the kitchen, and also to get rid of them if they already have).

The refrigerator is one of the main sources of odors, because quite often it happens that I forget to throw some bits of cheese or half a chicken, will make the whole thing a Bank/plates/containers, and in a couple of weeks, open the door, and from there a smell as if there is someone died, and for a long time. Of course, there’s a simple «cure» to get, find and remove the source of the smell, and then clean the fridge, but this will agree, quite time-consuming process. In this, I recommend to limit myself to just throw away spoiled food. And in the fridge to put some bottles from the pills with activated charcoal (open). Activated charcoal absorbs odors well. About once in half a year needs to be changed for fresh.

Cutting Board is another source of the smell. Especially strongly absorb odors from fish and seafood, so it is best to have for these products a separate ceramic plate, or at least plastic. If after the fuss with the fish can’t wash it (again, in terms of smell), it is enough to RUB it on both sides with a piece of raw potato.

Well, tops the hit parade of the trash can. Of course, if you throw out garbage every day, the problems with odors will not, but if you live alone or together, until the packet reach — it may take a few days. To avoid smelly odors emanating from him, cleaning fish, meat and poultry, and vegetable skins, put them in small plastic bags (believe me, friend, you have plenty of them, because they put the packs of milk, containers of salads, bread, etc.) and tightly knotted.

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