How to avoid unpleasant encounters on the street

manygoodtips.com_5.06.2015_BYrtujAj7sUWAYou have exactly had this situation, man. And it is very unpleasant. You walk down the street to God knows what, maybe work, maybe, just decided to clear my head and be alone with your thoughts, and maybe in a hurry to release a new series of «Game of Thrones». And so, first from afar, you notice his old friend, classmate or ex-girlfriend, who had not seen for 7 years. And something inside of you starts saying, «Damn, if I do not go back? What to do?» You really don’t want to talk to them, not the time and place, and it’s not that.

And while you think about it, your friend already shakes your hand and gets tedious conversation about old times or just a waste of your time. You really didn’t want to meet him (it happens), and now he killed your 40 minutes of life that do not discuss is pleasure. And how can I avoid this? The options are not many, but they are.

1. Come «for» shop

Pull into the first shop on your way. And let it be a lingerie store or a sex shop. What’s the difference? If you haven’t noticed, don’t worry. Wait there ten minutes and already can get. Chance to meet friends from a past life will decrease to zero, although it would be epic fail if the man from whom you hid in the store, he went there.

2. Call someone

You need a phone (Oh really?). Just take it and imitate the call. But you better call somebody, that would be much more plausible because it is unlikely that you have gathering dust on the shelves of the Oscar. Talk business or about plans with someone from the phone book. In short, no difference. It is unlikely that the person walking towards you, will interrupt your conversation will stop you.

3. Turn a glass eye

So, perhaps, will not close stores, and phone you for some misunderstanding had forgotten at home. Then it’s time to turn «the glass eye». Just look through the person, imagine that before you there. Not worth it to get around, just do like you don’t see it. Headphones in my ears will not hear it. So, total ignore. On the other hand, surprised the man shortly will think you just didn’t recognize it. Surprisingly, this method in the pilot study version worked much better than others.

4. Talk to the dude

If you fail to get rid of the annoying friend, talk to him. When your feelings will pass 3-4 minutes, we agreed on things and go to hell. You may have to leave your room or something, but it’s better than to kill a Friday night or be late for an important meeting.

5. Amnesia

Extreme option, which only works on absolute idiots. However, with these usually and do not want to communicate. Just pretend you are a man and have no idea who is in front of you. To not care what other people think about you, but after this it is unlikely you will be able to speak with this man a second time.

Unfortunately, we usually do not want to see it with those individuals that work for us on the nerves, and sometimes without any reason. It’s not their fault, but not yours. Simply there are such people who with your presence are annoying and bring us down. Maybe it’s just chemistry, God knows. Maybe it’s crazy dangerous for your health. So don’t make things worse and take advice, of course, if you don’t think the normal version will voluntarily take on the burden of a disgusting conversation.

To avoid an unpleasant meeting is normal, it will confirm the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, which went through the kitchen of the hotel at the time, when the school was besieged by Greek Communists with some strange requirements. Some people are just impossible to negotiate or even to talk.

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