How to avoid prosecution of the wife


Dude, when a woman goes crazy with jealousy in the literal sense of the word, it’s disgusting. But worst of all, when she’s paranoid and tries in every possible way for you to follow. The advent of GPS trackers gave jealous wives another nasty ACE in the hole. Be afraid. However, one man understood how to fend off the persistent attention of his wife. As much as my heart stops from this sad story.

A few days ago on Reddit published the photo of a note from one such accident. The note said: «My wife is tracking me with this GPS. I’ll leave it here. If someone find it, please take her away.» The note was attached tracker. In the comments immediately expressed that the need to leave the tracker in a gay club, the cab of the truck or attach to the cat, but on the other hand, one who will take the device, can get into the field of view of the mad wife.

By the way, this is a great idea for a spy Thriller. Leave a bug somewhere in a public place with a note, James bond so much did not know in this life!

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