How to avoid awkward moments after sex

of discomfort after sex

Here you are lying in bed, and she with you. You just finished having sex with the girl you meet (or met for the first time today), and you’re thinking lots of different questions:

Did she come? Did she like it? I have done? I quite long? She wants to repeat? She wants me to hold her? I have to get up? I go to the bathroom? I just go home?

If you at your house, maybe she wants to go?

When you start to have sex with a new girlfriend, you are definitely want to avoid awkward moments after sex: no one likes awkward moments. There are no «if,» «and» and «but». You know him well enough: probably, the day, week or month.

How well do you know her

Time is not very important because when you have sex with someone for the first time, it’s bound to be awkward. You don’t even really know each other. Even if you have a rich experience and you had sex with many women, you don’t know really what to do, you don’t know what she likes and satisfy her. You haven’t learned all her signs and signals.

The worst thing after sex is guess what? To look at her and ask «did You cum?» This will make her feel that you were on a different wave, not only physically, but emotionally and mentally. Another firm «no»: no apologies. I know some people do. When you apologize, it shows her that you think sex was bad, she didn’t get the pleasure. In addition, she will understand that you a little confidence.

Avoid those awkward moments

First, to clarify in advance what she means to you. If you first have sex with the woman, which want a long term relationship, just relax and realize that no matter what this is the first time: with time everything will just get better. With time, experience and knowledge of your partner sex is always getting better. Also you need to realize that if this woman you like and you want a relationship, you’d better to talk openly about sex and not only immediately after it. You can do this on the next date or even the next day. Ask her: «That night I had a good time with you. Do you want anything specific? What do you like? What do you enjoy?

No need to discuss it immediately after sex because her head is just overflowing with different thoughts, as well as yours. Do it right the next day that you two had some time for reflection. These conversations can take time, depending on how it is opened. If you skillfully guide the conversation and tell it like it is, she’ll say, «Last night was good, you’re moving» or «Last night was great oral sex, can do it again?»

You need to start an open conversation to get to know her sexual tastes and to show that not shy neither this theme nor the process itself. So you are guaranteed to avoid awkward moments after sex. Communication — a direct path to good sex.

What if it’s an adventure for one night? Before you get to the point, you need to develop an action plan: what are you going to do after? Define for yourself, will you stay or go. Realize for yourself, are you going to drive her home at 4am. So, you still have to talk. Say something like: «it Was cool. I liked it. I had a great time with you. But I’m used to sleeping alone, this week I have a very busy schedule.»

If you decide to go home, do me a favor: don’t make her feel like a prostitute. Many dudes do that. They go in about ten minutes after sex and it makes women regret that they agreed to a casual relationship. This is not a gentleman, so behave cowards.

Be honest

If you are honest with each other, if you know that this is not serious if you just had sex is casual sex. Wants to stay, she shouldn’t feel guilty. When I hadn’t dealt with a woman casual sex, you both know that it is random, even before it happens. After sex you always have to look her in the eye. Say something like: «That was great. It may be worthwhile to repeat it again sometime, but now I have to go walk the dog, she’s waiting for me at home all alone». Plus it will save you both, if the situation is as it suggests: «If he stays, we’ll be all night just to stare at the ceiling, and it will be uncomfortable.»

If everything is not serious, tell me about it: «Now I don’t need a relationship.» Describe your life situation. It is not necessary silently to leave her alone and uncertainty. You never know: maybe one day you will meet again under other circumstances. Maybe you’ll like it.

Communication will help to smooth over the awkwardness after sex, but each conversation has its place and its time. If a woman likes you, be attentive to her. If she decided to stay, even in the morning in the bathroom waiting for her new toothbrush: let her feel that you’re glad to see her at home. Don’t talk about sex until you’re ready to talk about it: a day or two when you really get to know what she likes (ready in an hour — go ahead an hour). You need to be confident in their abilities and to let her know that you’re confident in yourself because confidence is sexy.

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