How to assemble the perfect Dopp package in the journey

travel-peopleUnlike many women who need a whole suitcase for their toiletries, a real man in the journey requires only a few basic things to be truly happy and well cared for. In addition, man needs a special bag for these things which, by the way, is called «dopp» and is essentially a bag organizer. On how to properly collect, Top-set and when the term appeared, I’ll tell you in this article, my bearded dudes.


History of Top-set

Charles Doppelt, German leather goods manufacturer from Chicago, invented Depp-set in early 1900-ies. Small pouches became known as just Dopps, named in honor of its Creator. Doppelt has won a contract with the U.S. army during the Second World War to provide soldiers with bags of toiletries. Bags became a hit, and demand for, Dopp-kits soared when American men returned home from war.

My memories of DOP set based on examining this black leather stuff, which was my father. He used it for many years. As a child, I was always surprised at the number of things which he can insert into your Dopp. It’s kind of like an old doctor’s bag the doctor.

Create your Top-set


The first thing you’ll need is bag. To find them these days is not difficult. You can buy a bag of nylon is less than 150 rubles in any major Department store. Nylon bag quite cope with the task, Dopp package.

But if you want to create for yourself, Dopp-set high-class leather bag is the best choice. Sure, it will cost more, but this Top will last you almost a lifetime, but old age Dappa will be the only indicator of value, it will be the subject, which you will enjoy with pleasure. This Dopp-kit – the one thing you can pass on to their sons and grandsons, along with stories of the places where you took Top. You can find a good leather Dopp in many stores abroad as in Russia, this thing is not so popular. You can also buy a good leather set, Top on Amazon or, if you possess the luck to win it on eBay.



So you bought a bag and now it’s time to fill it with the necessary things that are needed in the journey to care for themselves. Perhaps you find that some things are trivial and they are impossible to forget, but on the other you may not even guess, but they are no less important because they can be very handy during the trip.

  • shampoo bottle;
  • a piece of your favorite soap;
  • deodorant;
  • toothbrush;
  • toothpaste;
  • dental floss;
  • shaving kit: razor, shaving brush and foam;
  • nail clippers;
  • lip balm;
  • condoms;
  • safety pins;
  • aspirin;
  • glue stick;
  • pair of contact lenses.

Organization kit

I remember how caring my dad was collecting his road Dopp-kit, with some care from packing your things. Every thing had its place. How you place your stuff in Dope will become the basis for a prosperous arrival to the destination.

If you fly a plane with a set of Top, keep in mind that pressure changes in an airplane can cause your shampoo and a bottle of shaving cream to explode. This will create a big mess and will bring a big disappointment, especially if you put things in bought a good leather bag. To avoid trouble, try the following: before placing the bottle with the liquid in Dopp-bag, squeeze it and release all the air from the bottle until the protrusions of the fluid from the hole. So your bottles are more likely to remain intact for the duration of the flight.

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