How to arrange men’s room


When you start to live with a friend, you will realize how small your house is — even if it is a three-story mansion. You will not be in this place, all shared, all ours, not yours. It would be sad if men didn’t find a way out. They came up with such a wonderful room. Where each speck of dust belongs to you. This is a workshop in the garage, but without machines, and in the house. You can be alone with your thoughts, do work, read a book or even write your own.

In his office you can find inspiration, get to know yourself better and even try to predict their own future. The office is a personal room that outsiders can only invite where they will take a certain place in the hierarchy, while the owner sits in a comfortable chair.

Of course, the home office is very different from what you have at work. House nice and something personal. And offices, often deprived of any individuality — they are trying to equalize all. The only exceptions are the offices of top managers, which can be designed according to their personal preferences. But the rest of the office folk have to settle for the same rooms. Sad, but that’s true of the working life. But do not lose heart, today, we will help you to build your own office in the house.

1. Define the purpose

Before something to advise you on choosing things in your office, we want to ask you a question: what do you want? No, seriously. There are no two identical rooms. If we are talking about different people, with different stories and experiences, the rooms will be different. You might want to create a place where you’ll be completely tranquil, calm, fresh in the head. Then we have to focus on minimalism and bright colors. Well, maybe you’ve always dreamed of monumental lair with pretensions to aristocracy — in such rooms are always important, self-righteous, but at the same time self-sufficient person. In this case, you should turn to the classical, conservative furniture and the lack of nuclear colors.

Some people need momentum, and not just a wooden table where you can sort through paper. The desire to feel like a mob boss, an influential politician, or just a very important person should not be ashamed of. Better we will give you a few tips on the subject. If you like big, massive tables, then let them be as functional as possible.

As style we recommend you to pay attention to the art Deco — like furniture perfectly fits the space. Mahogany is one of the best materials for this kind of cases. An excellent example will be the Italian furniture, such as Desk Office desk. The ModernHome is a great provider of furniture to create a living space and office including.

In any case, to come to the arrangement of the Cabinet to the mind, constantly asking yourself the question: «what exactly am I going to do?» And then the result will justify your expectations.

2. The interior as a whole

There are lots of options of colors and interior styles that you can choose for the office. But if you have no special advantages, which cut into your brain and won’t leave, we recommend you the classics, which is characterized by restraint. Your room should be functional table, chair — ideal, from the point of view of convenience and visual appearance. You have to understand that the chair that you chose is right for you and the other ass on it won’t stay. It is best to choose adjustable chairs that will not only work, but also take a NAP when got the happy hour.

Ideal — classic office Montalcino, if you adhere to a strict conservative norms, like an English Lord. These rooms are worth the money because they serve no man, and generations. It’s all in the quality of the materials from which made furniture. And it is made of solid precious wood of cherry color. You can sit in one of these chairs, open a volume of Byron, and permanently lose sense of time. Because it is certainly not modernity, it is something more refined, high and time-tested.What furniture to choose? We prefer wood and a natural. The leather upholstery is also good, but it’s pretty agile rule, because today the market is full of quality furniture that is made from alternative materials. But still, the main thing — quality. If you buy a cheap table, then throws him in a couple of months — will fall apart in time. The style for the furniture should choose a similar. Table, chairs, sofa for guests, the chair should be based on one color, the components of which do not contradict each other. If at least one element will stand out sharply against the others, then the whole Cabinet will start to radiate an atmosphere of cheapness. Harmony is the key to everything.

Areas for storage of documents, various things within walking distance. It is better when you need only remove your hand or take a couple of steps and you can get everything you need. The main space should be free to give the office a spacious look, even if meters are not so much. It is advisable to install the bookshelf — without them, the Cabinet will fade. And even if you do not have a large book collection, it is not a reason not to start to collect it.

For the arrangement of the Cabinet is perfect furniture collection «Ola», which is a simple form and ease of perception. The tables represent a unique design solution for those who like the purity of the thoughts and feelings of freedom at the time of the riot of intellectual energy. Nothing more — so you can describe this collection. The main material was stone, which more than 80% composed of natural raw materials. Countertops have a rounded shape, instead of boxes, we propose to use the wall canisters. In the end, you’re as wise to use your environment without overwhelming it.

A little advice, as for the color solutions. I think you know that bright colors stimulate the part of the brain, which is responsible for creative thinking. Such an opinion is common among many psychologists. Cool colors, on the contrary, make you more alert and focused. So think again — what do you want to do in my office. If you’re a rebel and abstractions the artist, you do not need to do office cold and dark, if you are a person who is engaged in scientific disciplines, you should look for neutral shades that won’t distract your attention.

There is another small psychological thing that you should remember. People are much easier to work when they have a change of scenery. That is, if all around you is snow, blizzards and cold (to us it is difficult to imagine, because we’re southerners), then you need a Cabinet that is made in warm colors, with a completely opposite energy. So, your performance will increase. And if you live in the South, the room is better to paint with cold paint — believe me, we know what we’re talking about.

3. Lighting solution

The choice of chandeliers is an important case for the arrangement of the Cabinet. It should best be combined with the interior room. Today the market is quite a wide range of chandeliers in different shapes and different production, but we always suggest that now is the time to choose quality, which can give you only a country with a rich history in the production of chandeliers. For example all appreciated German and Italian manufacturers. If the room is decorated in cool colours, and the furniture is conservative, you can look at German chandelier Ultra 1600-7P, which is made in Golden and black colours.Light does not happen much even if you are a vampire, which begins to melt under the weak electric light bulb. In General, in any workplace, but the office is such a place should be multiple light sources. The main light should have average power. Not overly bright lamps and dark in there to anything. Of course you need a floor and table lamp, nice wall mounted sconces. You should not overload their space. They, just, can be as modest, except for the chandelier because it should attract attention. You should be able to turn on the light in each of the working zones of the office. And the working area can be not only at the table but on the sofa near the bookshelf, cabinets. You might want to turn off the chandelier and read a book under the light of the sconce — this opportunity you must have.

4. Interior trim

What you should have, in addition to the elegant table? We have already talked about bookshelves. Of course, you need boxes or cupboard where you can put a pile of work papers, or pages with memories. But not every thing in the office must have practical value. Many pieces do not shout about its usefulness in the open, but they create a mood that helps us to work, to reason, to intellectual activity. Such things have. For example, I have on the table is a wrought iron figure of a medieval war, which blows the horn, calling for war, and maybe for new challenges. Other, happy owners of their own rooms, place items such as décor on the tables and shelves and on the perimeter, in recesses or on the floor, if the size of the decorative element is significant. Third put on the table something that is pleasant or meaningful memories, like a stone from the shore, or a crazy gift from a friend.

Separately, we note the need for hours in your office. They can be wall, floor or even a table — not so important. The main thing that they are in harmony with the overall interior of the Cabinet. If you don’t want to clutter the table, it is better, we believe, to purchase a wall clock. A universal option would be a watch in wood with a hint of high-tech style, which are watch Tomas Stern. A great option if you want to find a middle ground between the new chrome world and traditions.

However the most important thing to remember is that there are lots of items that really are trash. Such things probably will turn the Cabinet into the trash, not in the place where you are fully the master of its fate. Separately recommend to decorate your office with greenery and art objects. Try to find pictures that will fit into the design of the room, and hang them according to all norms of decency, and not as horrible.

5. Secrets, locked

Yes, we have secrets and we want that they remained, and was not at the inspection all domestic. I’m talking about the fact that the Cabinet, as a natural human environment, best suited for things you wouldn’t want to show other people. Ranging from financial documents, accounts, cash, and ending with the diaries of the past and expensive gifts from ex-girlfriends. It is better to keep it in this place. In a safe or, at least, in the Cabinet of the table, which is locked with a key.

There is nothing wrong to set the lock on the door and lock it when you’re working on something important. At first this idea seems wild, but, it seems, everyone in the house should have their personal space. And if you decided to make myself a nice furnish room, why that room can’t be your personal place where you’re not haunted? It is, in fact, common practice to lock the door from children, unexpected guests, and even a curious friend. Still, there are rooms that can quickly lose its charm at the very moment when will become a revolving door. Study, we believe, is one of those rooms.

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