How to arrange a Christmas party

manygoodtips.com_24.11.2014_fLho6P1aBqibtWell, dude, already bought a festive mood? Smell of tangerines? In fact, in the new year’s eve is often attacked unbearable boredom – every time the same: Olivier, fireworks and booze videos with friends. But all may not be as pessimistic, for example, if you take care of the corporate event with colleagues and celebrate it as it should. I’m sure many of your coworkers frown, remembering how you met the last New year. Someone got drunk and went to the principal to ask for a raise, someone became a star after YouTube’s dancing on the table with an accountant, and someone the whole evening was on the phone. How not to sleep face-first into a julienne and not to do anything stupid in our article.

1. Start training

Remember – the initiative is welcomed. The boss sees that you care about the team and appreciates it. If you’re the most responsible man at work or being in the initiative group, feel free to take it. Warehouses a questionnaire for colleagues, it will help to identify key moments of the celebration and to understand what to do just not worth it. And the rest is improvisation and exceptionally pleasant surprises for employees.

2. Pick a date

Many workers are accustomed to a corporate New year in the last week of December, when the holiday rush is particularly relevant. Remember these days: people are tired from work and immersed in thought about the gifts the family, forced to travel all the congestion of the city to sit down and rehearse the occasion. Not too rosy, isn’t it? In a few cases, the company are celebrating after January 1: the prices of many services on the organization is significantly lower. And indeed often from a long weekend tired and don’t know where to go, and there is a good reason to spend time with colleagues. Of course, this option is best if co-workers do not fly to the warm countries and leave during this period. Then all hope that your party will be for all a bright the beginning of a long celebration.

3. Decided on the venue

If you is the most responsible, so with the power of persuasion I right. Use this quality by asking the boss to celebrate the New year outside the office. So the holiday in the workplace – good savings, but some employees will be very uncomfortable to be in a familiar working atmosphere (they’re not singing and dancing in everyday work, right?). You may have to split the cost for renting a decent Banquet hall with colleagues, or good to ask for financial support from leadership.

4. Invite leading

Often it is this paper cut in the budget of the event, if not enough money. And, of course, in vain. The person who creates a festive mood after a hard year is an important person at the Banquet. Don’t invite a host of advanced age with the accordion! The facilitator should be a professional. It will help with the creative greetings and respect the corporate culture of the company (or breathe into your traditions a new life). On the other hand, if you are sure that someone from colleagues will easily cope with the role of lead or phrase: «Yes we are and it will be fun!» – sounded from the majority, it’s your choice.

5. Drink/food

About the menu too is necessary to agree in advance that the holiday was not marred by the dubious dishes. Some restaurants will kindly provide an opportunity to organize a Banquet with their spirits. In this case, each of your colleague will know what to do and in what quantities. Importantly, after the third toast, from the management of the festival did not become a common alcoholic Orgy or a food fight like in a cheap American Comedy.

6. Alternatives

If your company has collected adventurers for which to sit at the table and congratulate the colleagues – too simple and boring, there is a solution for you. For example, if you did a good job this year and the budget allows, go to a ski resort for three days. Or just go out of town for recreation. Harmony with nature and colleagues will clearly benefit. Even corporate Hiking laser tag can bring a lot of positive emotions and photos in instagram.

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