How to argue against vegetarians

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Almost all meat-eaters had an unpleasant experience disputes with righteous vegetarians. Maybe it happened when you were about to bite into a juicy steak or looking to see how much is lamb chop. Regardless of where it was, you were forced to listen to tedious notation about the suffering animals and to stand comparison your eating habits and cannibalism. For your enjoyment, we have worked to ensure that you don’t have to worry about it again. This post will give you several irrefutable arguments that will help you justify and defend their eating habits and to join the equal argument with a vegetarian who wants to. In fairness, we note that not all these guys are idiots: someone who understands that it is his personal choice and not go with reviews when I order a steak. Hell, my girlfriend is a vegetarian and we never have problems. But back to our topic: how to fend off the arguments of those vegetarians who can’t wait for you to retrain.

The argument about health

Many vegetarians say that their eating habits healthier. We are not going to deny the many benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle, but still a great chance that a balanced «omnivore» diet is a much healthier choice. Studies have repeatedly shown that a vegetarian diet lacks vitamin D, B12 and iron – as well as to anemia in the neighborhood. And even vegetarians, as a rule, not enough omega-3 fatty acids. These acids slow down the development of atherosclerosis, reduce triglyceride levels, and is a natural anti-inflammatory agent and antidepressant.

Recent research at Oxford University, which were conducted at 35 000 volunteers aged 20 to 89 years and lasted for five years, has shown that vegans (those who do not consume any animal products, including milk and eggs) is 30% more likely to break bones than just vegetarians and meat eaters. Further studies of the Institute Garvan in Sydney found that the bones of vegetarians is 5% less dense than meat-eaters. This is because many vegetarians and vegans consume too little calcium because of the limitations of your diet.

The moral argument

Many vegans say that no living thing can’t be killed, just in order to be satisfied and enjoy this wonderful steak. Maybe it is their colors, but these things all give the same hypocrisy. Despite the fact that vegetarians decry killing animals, they did not hesitate to dig carrots and potatoes and grind in a blender zucchini. Whether they like it or not like it, but plants are living organisms that respond to stimuli such as light, gravity and touch. Some even believe that plants can feel pain. Take the ethics Committee in the field of non-human biotechnology. This Swiss organization has recently come to the defense of our leafy green friends a presentation on «the dignity of all creatures in the plant world». They argued that plants deserve respect and to kill them is immoral.

The argument about humane treatment of animals

Another morbid for vegetarians theme – how cute little lambs are turned into delicious lamb chops. Agree that traditional slaughterhouses should be condemned. However, there are many organizations where the animals are kept in humane conditions and slaughtered humanely too. We don’t live in the stone age, actually.

The environmental argument

Many vegetarians say that the cattle harm the environment. However, they do not recognize that the cultivation of fruits and vegetables in exactly the same way destroys the ecological balance. Look: a huge number of inorganic farms and plantations still uses pesticides and insecticides, which kill not only pests, but also helpful creatures, thus breaking the fragile balance of nature. Dangerous chemicals often fall into the water, and with water to our body. They can harm the nervous system of humans and animals, in the body which get. Speaking of water, the cultivation of vegetables requires vast amounts of water that causes its shortage in some regions. The cultivation of vegetables and fruits is good for the environment and even the burning of agricultural wastes and the production of nitrogen fertilizers during their production of nitrogen oxides released into the atmosphere.

If we are talking about air pollution, you may recall that the body of a vegetarian produces more gas than the organism of the meat eater, because he can not digest to the end of the vegetable food. So the body produces more carbon dioxide, hydrogen and methane.

Let them swallow their words

We wouldn’t be the top of the food chain, if one ate only vegetables. Try to use our arguments in the next argument with a vegetarian, and even the most smug of herbivores silently bury in his plate with the arugula salad.

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