How to answer the question «Tell me about yourself»

manygoodtips.com_6.06.2014_waRK1Uza547RwYou’re sitting face to face with the employer. He stares at you and says, «Tell me about yourself». No. You panic. You are torn between different themes dominant in your life: football, gym, movies, family is what he wants to know? The story is the most important part of the interview. And, of course, the most difficult. will Teach you how to cope with it.

To speak shortly

This may seem strange and illogical, but all the information that you tell about yourself has to fit within one minute, if not less. This is partly due to the need to keep the attention of the employer, but most importantly, you yourself focused. When you are nervous, the temptation is to talk a lot and hide important information under tons of details and details. Brevity — the sister of talent, you can’t afford to spread the idea of the tree.

Talk about work

We are not accustomed to advertise themselves. Our first impulse is to fill up the employer information about his personal life, because we have a tendency to define themselves through Hobbies and friends. Family, personal goals, Hobbies — we are ready to tell about everything, which is equally useless for the employer and for us in the situation of the interview. Who understands what we require professional information that bears rambling stream of qualities like: «I am diligent, hardworking, motivated, punctual, can work in team and independently».

Believe me: this is bad.

To arrive on time and to understand work ethic is expected from you. To position these qualities as your advantage is still to sell the house, advertising it as «has walls, floor and ceiling.» You need to talk about something substantial. Tell me, how many years and months you work in the industry. If the experience is not impressive, do focus on education. Tell me what programs you possess, what skills, what equipment, what you know how to sell — in General, if you delve in the specifics. Not to get off on trivial enumeration, as…

You need the numbers

As in summary, you need to provide the employer the exact numbers and figures — and this would put you far ahead even before the more experienced competitors. Let’s look at two examples that will impress you more?

«I worked in the hall and in the kitchen. I mostly have experience as a waiter, but I know how to wash dishes, deliver the orders, and I had to work in a cold shop.»


«I half a year worked in the family restaurant. About a year I was a waiter, served about two hundred people a day, on weekends, up to five hundred. I also worked in the kitchen — a couple of months in a cold shop, took orders, and washed dishes.»

Depending on the type of restaurant two hundred people may not seem like a large amount, but the employer learns about your abilities. Having an idea of what you can do, it is easier to make a decision.

The bar above

When people come to interview, they spend a lot of effort to convince everyone that meets the minimum requirements in the ad. Remember: if you are invited for an interview, then you already meet the minimum requirements, otherwise you would not have to waste time. The purpose of the interview is to show that you have more skills than anyone else who applies for this position.

Think about how advertising works. It shows you not just the product or the mechanism of operation of the device. What else? Attractive and cheerful young people at the party, the puppies running in the yard of a beautiful house. They promise you not the product itself, and a life that you will, if you buy it. You should do the same.

Talking about yourself, you have to lay the Foundation in the first half and the second to tell me what you gonna do. You will bring fresh customers, improve workplace safety, etc. And then…

Find the right angle

If you do not bleschesh experience and knowledge, you need to find something else that compensates for their absence and demonstrate the learning ability, the ability to interact with people and to create a high quality service. We are all young, and youth, we must turn not to the lack of experience, and in energy, stamina and performance. Think about the examples.

«Effect sandwich»

It is a technique of feeding bad information in a positive manner. Start with a positive (experience, education, abilities), then negative (lack of knowledge of specific techniques and methods), and then gently move to the positive (what you described can compensate for the lack of it). Technique is great for filing your own.


Write down your speech and pronounce it to yourself. When you feel more confident, you’ll be less to trip over them and cease to fill the gaps between the words clumsy «e-e-e». You’d be surprised how much information you can fit in a minute! You need daily practice. If possible, take yourself on a video or sit in front of a mirror and talk to yourself about your strengths and weaknesses as I would with the employer.

It will not be easy, but any skill requires improvement. Speech length in one minute determines you get the job or not. Therefore it is necessary to bring it to perfection.

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