How to achieve confidence


Today we will tell you, man how to gain self-confidence. People are attracted to men who radiate confidence. Unfortunately, many men today don’t have enough. Some bored, his head and hands, filled with pity, others confuse manly confidence with childish insolence. These guys do not see the difference between confidence and behavior of the jerk.

A confident man shows his confidence on every corner. However, when a person enters the room, everyone feels his calmness and self-sufficiency.

Below we will mention few steps to becoming more confident. Stick to these tips and very quickly you will see results.

Bring in the order of their appearance

Find time for proper care of myself and my clothes. This does not mean that you have to cover yourself with makeup from head to toe and dress like a metrosexual! It simply means to set aside time for the basic steps to care for themselves and learning the basics of how to dress properly. Take a shower and shave every day, brush your teeth, priceswhy hair. These things are very simple, but you’d be surprised how many men are not able to fulfill them.

In addition, take the time to properly and dress well. Dirty pants and wrinkled shirts make you look like a prick, not a confident man. Clothes should be chosen in such a way that, having met the woman, you were not ashamed of their own or could spontaneously make an appointment and go for an impromptu lunch. Learn to keep the balance between casualness and formality.

Set a goal and move towards them

Confident men set goals and achieve them. Don’t know how to gain confidence — set goals and move towards them. Goals are promises we make to ourselves directly. How can you be confident, even if you do not keep such promises? Start setting goals today and achieve them. Set one daily goal and achieve it within the same day. If you sleep all the time, then set a goal to Wake up early and do it. If you’re feeling disorganized — plan your dead your entire day and do this routine. Setting and attaining small goals, you will be able to gain confidence. When you reach a high level of confidence, you’ll be able to set ourselves big goals and achieve them, and they in turn will feed your confidence even more. It is a vicious cycle, that starts with small goals.


Nothing can so enhance the confidence of a man in myself like exercise. Blood pumping faster, you feel good, produces hormones that increase your self-confidence. You don’t have to go to the gym to start training. Start doing it today, using a suitable set of exercises.

Master new knowledge and skills

Confident men are constantly learning something new. Having mastered a new skill, you demonstrate to yourself that able to take up the challenge and adapt to the changing conditions of the surrounding world. There are millions of skills you can master in this life. Choose exactly what she was going to learn and start to work on this. Want to learn martial arts? Find a dojo and sign up to the group. Want to know how to fix a car? Go to the library, take books on car repair and learn them. Be sure to do it as quickly as possible!

Remember past successes

Sit in your chair, put out the light and go back in the memories of those moments when you had success. It doesn’t have to be a huge success. Remembering this, you can show yourself that you are worth something. Understanding this will help you gain confidence in yourself, which is necessary to implement the new plans. Write a short memo in a journal or notebook. When you need to energize your confidence, re-read this article.

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