How to achieve being served in a crowded bar

barHow am I familiar with this situation, each (and any brow on the Ground)! You came to the bar to drink with friends or with a girl (in this case, the fag even more), went to the bar and… stuck. You are surrounded by approximately fifty assholes, and they all want to drink and excitedly call zapotevshie bartender. The bartender explodes, and you have a broken heart because how long can you wait. And all those «sorry» and «get outta the way» does not help. What to do? Try one of these ways.

1. Maintain eye contact with the bartender

A very small number of people on the planet can ignore someone who’s looking right in my eyes — at least for a long time. To remain steadfast under these circumstances, you have to be unflappable and extremely indifferent ass. The bartender will have nowhere to go, and he finally realizes that you’re here and want his attention, and communication with you is his priority.

2. Leave a decent tip

No the bartender won’t miss a tip, especially a solid tip. Of course, if you went to the bar with friends, you can not resort to this method: it is rather urgent. But if you have a girlfriend and frankly bored already, pay this asshole generously. Even if it is not really deserved. According to the rules of etiquette? a tip for the bartender — 10-15% of the value of the check, but you can leave and 20, nothing will happen. But next time he really will rush to you and will be very attentive to your needs.

And a couple of words about the tip. If you feel sorry for them money, better stay at home. Seriously, there is nothing stopping you to go to the store, buy your favorite drinks and enjoy them at home with friends. And a trip to the bar is a ritual, a special culture, and a tip — its integral part. Another helpful hint: it is not necessary to delay the tip to the last: they will not help you. Leave them immediately after the first drink, do it during the evening more than once.

3. Figure out what you want to drink before calling the bartender

I hope you don’t look like an idiot whenever I call the bartender and he asks you what you’re drinking. There are fools who forget to think about this question and then mumbles, trying to squeeze out of his throat something. If you have a lot and you yourself make an order at all, you find it hard to remember what drink each, but with what joy the bartender needs to wait for you to see? You’ve had time to think, and you called him — it means you’re ready to order and know what they want. There is nothing worse for a bartender than to wait until you give birth. For a while, until you deal with your desires, it could serve two other people. To shout, you’d better think.

If you always order drinks at all, better find out who that would be to drink better on the way to the bar. This knowledge will significantly reduce the waiting time.

4. Chief, boss, buddy, dude, man, buddy…

And this list is endless. Don’t use meaningless words to refer to the bartender. It’s like scratching fingernails on the glass. Yes, hard to turn to a stranger. It is best to do it respectfully. The bartender on the breast usually hangs a badge — you can refer to it by name. If you will shout, «Barman!», it’s all in any gate.

It is not in the name, and respect. Bar — this area of the bartender, which does not go even the waiters. Respect this fact and respect the bartender. And will you both happiness.

5. Flirt

A provisional way suitable for going to a bar with a friend, and this is for fun with guys. Never, never talk to the barmaid at the girl. This is the only way to be catered for at the bar based on gender, and therefore they need to use wisely. If you overdo it, you can even get the opposite effect, but an innocent comment like, «that’s a busy night, huh?» — I won’t hurt you. Barmaids seem to be much busier than it really is. They are free to talk while you drink, and even enjoy the conversation, unless they are imposed a wreck drunk type. The bartender will even come back to you after I serve the next customer and continue the conversation, and it means that you’re always in time to get my drink and, even nicer, perhaps, will drink you free. And even give you my phone number.

6. My way

Maybe you need this. Personally, I’m lucky because I’m tall. Two meters, of course, but decently above average. What do I do? I make my way to the bar and find the gap between the chairs, where can I get a job (I’m still quite a hood). So, I’m standing behind someone’s back, resting my elbow on the counter, hold the money and look into the eyes of the bartender. Eventually he notices me. When we met eyes, I have the opportunity to see if around beautiful women, friends I didn’t notice and the score (if we came to watch). But at this time I do not forget to look at the bartender. When he comes up to me, I pronounce the entire list of drinks. If necessary, repeat. If necessary, explain how to do them. The money is still in my hand. The bartender brings me my drinks, and I definitely thank him, he calls the amount I pay. He gives me my change and I give him a tip and thanks again. If I need helpers to bring drinks, by this point, they are already there and know what they need to do. Not a bad option.

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