How the brain sabotages our sex life

the brain interferes with sex

It just so happened that we attach great importance to how often and how well we put in other people their genitals. This happens, in our opinion, not often enough, or well enough. Would you believe me if I told you that the only thing standing between you and fulfillment of all these desires is yourself?

Probably not, but, meanwhile, the way it is. Our psychology works against us. Our heads are full of destructive ideas that grow from physiology, education, come from everywhere at once. What?

6. We believe that sexy dress only stupid people


This is not surprising. Our culture has taught us that sexy dress the only stupid girlfriend. Why? Look at the TV. All these sexy Babes in open dresses talking like even in school, not studied. Here’s an interesting fact: this applies not only to women. Men flaunt more skin, too, think more stupid.

Well, maybe you and without me knew it. Suppose in the town you met a guy without a shirt. What do you think about him? Not only that he’s an idiot, it’ll seem insignificant and in all other things. Conducted a study in which people were shown pictures of two guys and along the way tell their story. The biography was similar, but the amount of clothing in the pictures — different. The result of the test man with fewer clothes on the body appeared to be a big idiot.

Another variation of the experiment. The researchers put some guy wires, to see how subjects would use a Taser (because what is the science when nobody cries?). You think people are more shocked a dude with no shirt, because he was considered stupid? Nah, it’s the opposite. They are more shocked when he was dressed. Why? Even if we think that people with a minimum of clothes fools, we still find them attractive and/or need our protection.

Let’s sum up. People think you’re stupid when you’re trying to look sexy, and they themselves are stupid if you are trying to attract attention. Here so says your brain.

5. Women are dumb when men build their eyes


We already told you why you shouldn’t date a co-worker. And it’s not just that it’s a stupid thing to do. In addition, women get stupid when you’re building them eyes.

Once conducted such a study. Women were invited to the interview, which was conducted by the man. As soon as they came into the room, he examined them from head to toe, and during the conversation, were staring at their Breasts. In the end, the interviewer promised to leave her a positive recommendation because she «looked good in those jeans». Then the woman had to solve several mathematical problems. Those who were treated so, showed the worst results.

But men have no such problem.

It’s not even just nervousness. Women can experience discomfort from the way they dressed, or trying to get approval from the guy who was staring at them. And she may be trying to show that not only is she a sex object, but we just like to think that we’re charming.

4. A woman perceived as the object

woman as object

In reality, it is a sad story. The woman regarded as the object of her interviews fail because of this and she’s looking for a man who saw in her a person, not an object. In short, sad story.

How do you know that a woman is considered as object? When the person or photo focuses on one body part. Stupid people can see in the woman ass and porn sites show us a very specific part of the female body. And quite often without a face. And so doing not only evil pornomagnat, but all of society.

In General, your brain perceives the woman as an object. There are two types of perception: General and local. They did this study, people were shown pictures of men and women, and then asked to learn parts of the body where the person in front of them. It turned out that both men and women often use common perception when it comes to men, and local, when I see women paying attention to specific parts of the body.

Why this happens, researchers are not sure. There is a theory that men are looking for a potential partner, while women compare themselves with competitors. It turns out, women are perceived as the object of not only women but also themselves. Thank you, comrades!

3. Double standards regarding what is considered cheating

the brain interferes with sex

When people are asked to name the qualities that are important in a partner, they will remember the loyalty. Usually, no one likes cheating on him. But for that matter, what is considered cheating?

This is a real problem of psychology. This is a betrayal, when someone you kiss drunk? If you are someone sticks a finger in the ass, but this a chance, you changed? If you’ve slept with someone in the car, and the car was not yours? And if the car is yours, but the sex was bad? No matter what you answer, because, as it turned out, most people tend to define cheating in your case, and the infidelity of a partner like different things. But first we should understand what people mean by «sex.»

For past generations, it was clear that if it was about those areas of the body that hide panties, it had something to do with sex. But now is another matter. For us a Blowjob in the toilet may not be considered.

Well, culture is changing, finally. But the problem is that we use these changes hypocritically giving myself some slack and hypocrisy in relation to others.

For example, in one study, subjects were asked what they consider sex, and it was only the traditional «penis in vagina». When asked what is considered sex, when engaged in their other half with someone else, suddenly even the arms were regarded as treason. And so, men especially often practice this.

In General, we believe sex is cheating, but the border we conduct in each case where it suits us.

2. We are insecure and jealous because it helps to survive


Relations of partners in a pair to each other can be divided into two types. Someone trusted partners feels safe in the relationship and never checks his soulmate. Others are not sure for hour to send 30 SMS and always follow making them a partner.

Most people unconditionally like the first type of relationship, it’s obvious. Such people are more healthy and feel stable. But why, then, are the second type of people? Because it’s a survival mechanism.

The fact that people who do not believe in relationships, are in constant fear of everything. So in situations where there is a real danger when, for example, that the apartment was on fire and smells like smoke, these people first notice it. And Wake steady partner, so that he could get out of the fire.

Even conducted such a study. It showed that when the room is going to jealous people, they are likely to sense danger and have more chances to get out of it. Such interesting things. In General, they are just protecting their relationship. It is a survival instinct.

1. We think all of our friends girlfriends want us sex


Men and women can’t be friends, because there’s always sexual interest. And it’s a scientifically proven fact.

According to studies, men and women can’t be friends, not least because to define the word «Platonic» in completely different ways. Studies in which these friends were asked to name the advantages of their relationship, showed, men are much more attracted to their female friends than Vice versa. And they feel the same way about the women themselves.

So, in go the sad memories of their own experience. It’s just that when men have interest in a woman, they always suspected her to reciprocate. Even if a woman already has somebody.

It turns out that two people who participate in the same conversations, the same relationship in completely different ways they are perceived.

To find out everything to the end: if you type, it does not mean that your friend is necessarily going to have sex with you — like your friends-dudes. But if we suddenly read a woman, Yes, he wants it. Well, he’s not lying when he says that you are «just friends.» That’s just male psychology.

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