How should sit shirt

manygoodtips.com_5.06.2014_zzVJm9EHWKWUtAt first glance, the question seems obvious — but this is only at first glance. And yet the vast majority of men continues to wear the shirts that they are two sizes too big. The shirt is the wrong size causes inconvenience and makes you look unprofessional. In order not to lose face, remember how to sit shirt.



Size: Collar touches the skin around the perimeter of the neck, but no pressure. Between the collar and throat you can stick your finger in any place.

Shirt small: Collar is so tight to the neck that is pressing on her. You feel the collar is leather, and this is making you uncomfortable. Between the collar and throat cannot put a finger.

Shirt big: the Collar doesn’t touch the neck, the shirt resting on his shoulders. Between the collar and throat without the slightest effort to stick your finger, and then some.



Size: Vertical shoulder seam ends where the shoulder and goes into the sleeve. Armhole (the place where the sleeve connects to the main part of the shirt) large enough to never pull and not twist.

Shirt small: the Seam on the shoulder ends sooner than the shoulder. The sleeve is also located on the shoulder. The armhole can feel the tension from the pleats at the shoulder and sleeves.

Shirt large: Shoulder shirt is longer than your shoulder, and in Ocho shirt continues in the area of the biceps. The arm openings are too large, you can’t feel them.



Size: Buttons fasten comfortably, the shirt is easy to fit, and buttons are located exactly in the center. The shirt sits on you not obvia.

Shirt small: Buttons fastened with difficulty, between them, offer a glimpse of skin going wrinkly. Due to the fact that the shirt is tight, taut and sleeves.

Shirt big: Excess fabric SAG in the chest and abdomen, the wind shirt is inflated sail. The shirt goes around the body shake. If you tuck the shirt into pants, it hangs over the belt.


Size: Sleeve is slightly wider at the top than at the cuffs — like cone. When the arm hangs straight, loose sleeve, elbow stands out. The sleeve should be free along the entire length, not just at the top or bottom.

Shirt small: it Seems that the sleeve is customized when the arm is hanging, but at the slightest movement of the shoulder elbow stretches.

Shirt large: the Fabric so much that gravity is pulling it down, and the sleeve droops bag over the cuff. Too loose, the sleeve itself around the elbow or bicep.



Size: Cuff fits tightly to the body, but between hand and fabric is enough space. A simple test: the shirt should be removable without undoing the cuffs. Between the shirt and the arm should be held a couple of fingers or a clock.

Shirt small: it is Impossible to remove the shirt, not unbuttoning his cuffs. Cuffs fit snugly to the hand. Watches can only be worn on top of sleeve, otherwise he will bully.

Shirt large: Cuff is so wide that it leaves scope for hours and some places, there comes a few fingers. When hands rest on the countertop, going from the cuffs pleats.

Sleeve length


Size: Sleeve extends to the base of the brush and closes the bone on the wrist. If worn on top of the jacket an inch and a half from the jacket sleeve shows a sleeve of his shirt. The cuff is concerned, and in some postures, closes the wrist watch.

Shirt small: wrist Cuff does not cover the bone at the wrist, and it is not visible from under the jacket sleeve.

Shirt large: Cuff down on the wrist. If you wear a wrist watch, they remain closed sleeve at any time.



Size: When straightened the shirt out of his pants, her hemline closes the belt. It should be long enough around the perimeter, including the sides, if uneven hem to be tucked in.

Shirt small: When the shirt straightened out the pants, she closes the belt. If you fill it in trousers on the sides it barely climbs for the belt and constantly gets out into the daylight, should you make the wrong move.

Shirt big: the Hem of her shirt closes in and fly. If you tuck it into the pants, the fabric is going to keep inside and climb up between his legs.

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