How rich people look at money

manygoodtips.com_26.08.2014_XgCev0IGCbz8DThe powerful of this world use and perceive money differently than we mere mortals because they have a very different thinking on the financial issue.

Not in front of them, the question is what to buy a kebab or hot dog was enough for a subway token. In their light heads are swarming all other Council, more global scale.

What rich people think, and what principles they follow, read below.

1. The rich forget about the momentary pleasures

Everyone likes peppy step to go on about their whims and desires. But this does not help us when we want to save up some money and get a little closer to the people on the Forbes list.

Rich people think about what percentage of where to determine. What benefits it will bring. In what time frame. And only the money that will remain, you can afford to spend.

2. The rich know the difference between a want and a need

We often justify their unnecessary purchases the need. And when the fever continues, too late comes the realization that half of those boxes or packages that are already in the hallway, completely useless both for you and for life. Rich people distinguish needs from wants. And never lie to yourself.

3. The rich always invest

For them to invest, always and everywhere, someone or something that was routine, like you brush your teeth in the morning.

They deduct the interest in the pension Fund and insurance. Invested in interesting startups and play the stock market. They have no doubt, should or shouldn’t do. Because there is a purpose. And to achieve more, you need a good to invest. To be rich is to understand how to increase their wealth.

4. The rich are aware of the slavery loans

«What are the monthly payments?» you ask, making your car payments. But the true question is put, «How much would really cost me this car?». Wild interest months payment sometimes shocking. Rich people always live within our means.

5. Rich help professionals

Even if you plan your budget with diligence grandmother prozentsatz, the rich are special people who help count the money. You can do a lot to obtain for yourself after reading literature about the proper management of capital. And most often the authors of such books are themselves millionaires or famous financial advisors.

6. Rich love math

I’m not talking about trigonometry and algebraic polynomials: simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

All variants of possible gains and losses. Where may be added, if it is something cuttable. Only on the basis of these data they take further decisions on the possible costs. Their brain works as a powerful financial calculator, without a break for lunch.

7. The rich do charity work

Because it is not always soulless machines that only know how to count money and to seek benefits. The desire to share with others becomes natural for them. Bill gates became the initiator and inspirer of the so-called «giving pledge,» when 38 American billionaires signed their willingness to contribute at least 50 percent of their fortune to charity. He also founded his own charity Foundation Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which has invested a portion of the shares of a private company.

8. The rich make friends with only useful people

Rich people surround themselves with smart and helpful people. Who will be able to teach something important, to share the invaluable experience will help you grow both mentally and professionally.

9. The rich are always raising the bar

Rich people in my personal life and business projects continually raise the bar. In order to have growth and development was observed. They always create the conditions so the next year was more productive than the last.

10. The rich are not afraid of risk

Rich people are willing to try, willing to experiment, ready to take the first step towards his wealth. And if something went wrong, they are able to obtain useful lesson for the future.

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