How people live with psoriasis

If you ask people, what is psoriasis, only two people out of ten will be able to explain correctly. Six more will say that it’s a disease, and four of them at random, because in the understanding of the masses of all sounds Latin, by definition, or illness, or drugs. So the sad truth of this disease, know about it or doctors, or those who saw in their own eyes are red scabs on various parts of the body.

manygoodtips.com_14.11.2016_o5nHMbXb4oBaiFrom psoriasis, or as it is called, «the scaly lichen», suffers every 30th person on the planet or about 120 million people in the world. In fact, there are many more, just not all consider it necessary to refer this problem to a doctor. And when you consider the sad fact that the disease is known since the XIX century, is not treated, the attitude to it changes dramatically with the care-carefree to cautious. It seems very strange that in the XXI century don’t know how to treat such an old disease.

On the streets you can meet people of various ages, with red spots on the neck, hands and feet is psoriasis. It can not be confused with shasanne a wound, a burn or a nasty shock — once it becomes clear that this skin disease, especially when these spots are visible white flakes of skin exfoliating. It looks aesthetically pleasing, and therefore it seems to a person untrained contagious. But not to be shunned in patients with psoriasis: the disease is not infectious and is not transmitted by contact or airborne droplets. To get psoriasis after contact with the patient impossible.

Patient with psoriasis differ from healthy person is the fact that in a healthy organism, lifeless layer of epithelium peels away from the skin invisible to the eye. Psoriasis in the lesions, the cells begin to multiply at an accelerated rate, almost 10 times faster than normal. So the rate of formation of new skin cells leads to the fact that the old layer is no time to step back and accumulates, turning into plaque, silver-white and pink. Trying to get rid of plaque, the body includes defense mechanisms: damaged skin are beginning to peel off, often causing itching.

Often the first to suffer from psoriasis the knees and elbows. In other cases psoriasis is formed on the surfaces of joints, in the armpits, under the Breasts, on the head, in the groin and even the genitals and nails. First appear on the skin small rashes that grow seal and then form a plaque. In this case, patient feels severe itching, and if you remove the thick scales covering the lesions on the surface do not speak the drops of blood dew.The diseased areas expand and capture a large surface of the body. But in addition to the itchy discomfort and the aesthetic unattractiveness of psoriasis there are a number of more dangerous features. For example, years later he begins to strike the joints. Fingers and feet turn red, swell, become hot and painful to the touch, skin stretched and shiny. Pain that intensifies when moving and do not stop to rest. Sometimes psoriasis affects the hip and knee joints, and also spine.

Often when psoriasis suffer from cardiovascular system: there are unpleasant sensations in the heart area, shortness of breath. The gastrointestinal tract is also affected, as evidenced by the loss of appetite, the appearance of bitterness in the mouth, heartburn, belching, constipation, nausea, intolerance to fatty foods, unstable chair. With these symptoms it is very difficult to lead a normal life is the existence of a feeling of eternal discomfort. And the worst thing is that no one is immune from this insidious disease. There are only two reasons that can trigger psoriasis:

— positive parents. If ill, both, the probability of occurrence is 65%. If single, it is significantly lower — 28%;

— wrong in every sense of the way of life.

They say that all diseases of the nerves, and this is no exception: stress is the best provocateur for the occurrence of psoriasis. And of course, bad habits, so don’t try to treat the nerves the traditional method — alcohol, it will only aggravate the situation. Sore throat, improper diet, environment, and in some cases makeup can cause unpleasant disease. It turns out that the things which we unwittingly face every day, can cause psoriasis so it is not surprising that there are so many patients.

Psoriasis does not affect physical and mental activity of man. Look at famous people, among whom were many persons with red rashes all over the body. The same Stalin, the one and only, for many years struggled with the disease. And despite the discomfort caused by psoriasis, he continued to work and led a very active life, not paying attention to a bunch of other diseases.

Another famous patient was a contemporary of Stalin, Winston Churchill, who even promised to put a monument from pure gold to anyone who can find a method of complete treatment of the disease. Despite the disease, he didn’t listen to the doctors and continued to urinarily lifestyle of scoring recommendations, and even taking a bath, it is strongly not recommended.

Kim Kardashian can not be called great, but to argue with its popularity would be ignorance. As you can see, the psoriasis does not prevent her to be considered sexy for most parts of the world.To treat psoriasis is problematic. To get rid of it, but to prevent remission is possible. But there is a problem, as maintenance therapy, vitamins and ointments are expensive. Plus, you have to constantly deal with the incompetence of doctors. Careless dermatologists prescribe everyone the same complex, sometimes even trying to convince patients that the disease is not treated. Why — is unclear. But the disease is strictly individual, so treatment should be selected on the basis of the characteristics of the patient.

If someone suddenly thought of the disease is irrelevant, then hurry to disappoint. According to statistics, the disease most often affects people aged from 16 to 25 and from 60 to 65 years, although in recent years the disease began to appear in children. Fear that even 70% infected in age from 50 to 59 years old fell ill after 20 years.

Youth is the time to brag about your body, and people instead have to hide the nasty rash and live with an eye to the disease — albeit non-fatal, but always, like a noisy neighbor, he reminds himself. So we put the question to the brave young people who aren’t ashamed of their disease. Here are six little stories from people, which in addition to the normal daily problems you have to deal with discomfort daily disease.

Alfonso Cuarón:

«His disease, I will describe like this: it’s all the result of poor lifestyle, like most people, and stress.

He first came to me when I was 18. Then the first time I asked the dermatologist small rash on the legs. And cute said that, well, I have psoriasis, but that’s okay — now a lot of medicines for the treatment and prescribed me a hormonal ointment.

Like most boys of that age, I was wild in his youth, with all its consequences, so I did not give this disease any difference, and had no idea what will happen in 10 years.

My girlfriend found out about the disease on the first date (she noticed). Of course, asked what was the matter, but after the story has not given back. At first it was a feeling of stiffness, but we got through it. But still I see that she believes in izlechennosti disease, and I understand it!

Regarding employment, of course, a lot of things at once eliminated, since because of the illness of the terms of employment is shrinking.

In everyday life people have different reactions. But I’ve learned a few rules: the reactions of people with psoriasis you can find out who they are in life! People who keep their emotions and at first they ask about my illness is kind and helpful people, have a clue about humanity. Those who «turn away», — egoists who care only for themselves. I found in her short 5 years. Perhaps my opinion with age will change.

Nevertheless, even among the «turned away» was not noticed by absurd prejudices about psoriasis. Of course, when people see it, then ask: «What is this?». I’m just saying that it’s psoriasis, so don’t worry — not contagious! I’m not worried about it, because I realized that the stiffness prevents to develop and move.

And people who treat illness with hostility, I want to say: people, do not behave like this — this place can be you. And then your fear can lead to even more disappointing results.

I don’t follow the innovations and news about new treatments for psoriasis, just today the market offers a lot of hormonal drugs, and this is not good.

But if there was the slightest possibility, of course, I was healed from the disease and took a deep breath.

Now I have discovered only one way to cure it is to go to RKVD (Kozhno-venerologicheskiy DISPANSER — approx. edition): here you can relax, gain strength, think about the future plans and actions. That is to say, a kind of pit stop lasts for 18 days.

Those who have learned about his illness, I advise you to give up bad habits in the first place. Consider your diet and lifestyle. The way of life that is born in our head.

I think patients with psoriasis is difficult not only in Russia. But I would like to wish everyone not to give up! Those who have this disease, you need to understand yourself, something in your life you are doing wrong. Give up bad habits, eat right and physical development. You need to find happiness in this life. Otherwise, if we start to give up, wallow in disease, and most importantly, semcams in itself. Not get sick!».Sophia Arden:

I was 19 when I was diagnosed. I had already heard about the disease knew that it was chronic, but always thought, «I’ve never happens», because in my family nobody was ill.

Despite the fact that the doctor promised that after a month everything will go, I became desperate. A month later things got worse — it affected 90% of the body. My whole life came down to a fight with psoriasis: I did clay wraps, smeared with tar, hormonal ointments. As it turned out, during the exacerbation can not do this.

Neither the parents nor friends are not particularly supported, and then I decided to find others like me. Found. A Facebook group «Psoriasis and treatment». There I found a set for the treatment of psoriasis. It seemed that it got worse, but after two months the skin was clean.

But these two months have been hell. It was impossible to sleep when I turned over, woke up in pain because the skin was inflamed, there was a constant chill. To prove to someone that it’s not contagious, it was almost impossible, and if people did not avoid, then approached and gave advice on what and how to smear. Someone argued that it was pityriasis rosea, in fact the doctor made wrong diagnosis. And the surrounding was made of this tragedy, I worried more than I am.

But in General we can say that psoriasis as limited me. The main thing — a positive attitude, faith in healing, more precisely, in long-term remission. And in any case not smeared with hormonal ointments!

In Russia the main problem is that doctors are not aware. Instead of trying to help their treatment only worsen the situation. If I hadn’t found then the team has not decided on a treatment, I’d still would be covered with psoriasis.

Anna Terekhova:

«I was 15 when I found out about the disease, and the first reaction is horror. I think it’s the same at all. The day before I ran to the doctor (unfortunately, as is often the case – first), the guy I had met, put «those questions»: what it is and not contagious. The next day I found out that is not contagious. And it’s forever. Nice doctor put me on a chair and began to sing sweetly, that of course we’re all going to die. I was planning to die minutes after five when it will come. The ignorance of doctors and the inability to convey information in a manner that did not want to be shot, is simply amazing. We do not regret. Do not be afraid. Should normally be treated.

Psoriasis put on the basis of simple inspection and attempt to assign hormone therapy is the most common way and the most terrible popados. The hormones work immediately, have a wow effect… and very quickly stop to help. The horror is that not only they, but all other alternative therapies. And you live with it your whole life. In remission of varying duration, but most of all, life!

In fact, supportive care for light and medium forms (like me) not very expensive, just on the fear we used to cash in, and the doctors banal illiterate. I, like many, is actually deduced his scheme. Based on various appointments, through trial and error. Now every six months I’m doing a cleanse, and then begin vitamin therapy — injections of calcium gluconate and vitamins of group b (course – 10 shots each), vitamin a (month). Sure – phospholipids and sedative. When exacerbations begin this course unplanned, plus saidlove ointment externally.

With regard to way of life: in my house there is no «normal washing powder», I almost never use household cleaning products and did not buy dishwashing detergent for five years. Believe me, all well-washed ordinary soap. Well absolutely everything out of the house (associated with water) I make gloves. I don’t remember what the bubble bath, and try to avoid swimming pools. But does not suffer from this.

Diet for pegano (which is most often recommended to patients with psoriasis) have not tried. Just try to eat «conventionally correct» (not very good). But my feeling is, personally, my disease food does not have much impact. Rather the stress.

The most discomfort psoriasis brings in the period of exacerbations. Ointments are absorbed poorly, so you have to have a special old clothes. Fortunately I have a lot of it.

Psoriasis restricts travel. If you need to be treated – so you need to score on your desires and treatment. Spend it’s not even the money, and leave. That is the time. Plus all the time to follow the mode of the medication. But this is not the worst thing in life.

Life from psoriasis may not even change, if you know what life you now need to stay on maintenance therapy and periodically is on vacation in Europe to rot in some kind of sanatorium in the middle of nowhere. But psoriasis does not interfere with walking. Going to the cinema, exhibitions, festivals, lectures. Does not prevent to receive new impressions and pleasure from life. Does not prevent to meet new people. It’s a question of attitude. And the only way to treat illness is to accept it. And cease to be ashamed of. Ashamed of psoriasis is like to be shy, you have two legs. Because it autoimmune, not syphilis from promiscuity. The disease does not depend on social status, gender or anything else. Psoriasis can affect anyone.

In his personal life psoriasis generally does not interfere and has never interfered. In fact, people refer to these things are much more loyal than you can imagine. Just a problem of ignorance of the society. Therefore it is necessary to give a brief introduction: Yes, it hurts, it’s this kind of thing. And all okay. All our fears, for the most part, unfounded. The people on the disease to react properly. Just the patients themselves should not be shy to tell. The media needs to talk about the disease, debunk the myths, which just a lot. Then will have to explain a lot less. Patients with psoriasis according to official statistics — $ 125 million. It’s every thirtieth inhabitant of the planet, think about it!

The most difficult thing to explain that it’s not contagious. I think that this prejudice was facing absolutely everyone my colleague. And it’s terrible, because fear and rejection is the last sense that a person wants to call another. I have been able to cope with the ignorance of the people by warning strikes. I don’t make his illness a secret, quite easily talk about it, I can write in social networks. I’m not afraid to say. Only a stream of infopotok from the outside can be at least a little to raise awareness. In an atmosphere of total bilateral (society and health workers) lack of awareness patients have a hard time. I read on forum post girl-a schoolgirl, which (attention!) was afraid to tell her parents that she has psoriasis. So it intimidated illiterate doctor. But I believe this can change. Even the fact that your magazine undertook such a difficult subject is an indicator. Big of a deal.

Because of this ignorance many people when the first skin manifestations do not even run to the dermatologist and beautician. And they do not know what to do with it. It is necessary to educate this group of professionals, not just dermatologists. With regard to native doctors everywhere there are good people. But because of the many paid clinics, which are now really on every corner, a chance to get to poor illiterate doctor of the patient is very high. However, drove me in remission on hormonal therapy for Russian doctors. I was treated not only in Russia but also in Azerbaijan. There is the famous resort of Naftalan, where the use of oil of a certain faction. And just as here, the doctors there are different: good and bad.

I want to advise those who only learned about his illness, not much to worry about. Read the forums and understand that many of us, and it’s not your fault, man. And yet — a lot of doctors. And every time to get them re-diagnose. Because, again, having heard the word «psoriasis», everything will try to put you on corticosteroids. This trend needs to be reversed. Those who treat such diseases with the opposition to wish that they never felt, what it is. And yet: «drink more beer, go to clubs…».

Not so long ago for medium-and heavy forms treatment of psoriasis started to use biological therapy. Judging by the comments in the branches of forums, it’s pretty successful. This is already a prescription drug from the group of human monoclonal antibodies. They are assigned when standard therapy does not help, because it’s still a test for the organism. But the percentage of positive responses is very high. The only thing – they are expensive. But are lists of drugs that you can receive from the state. It is important that the patients themselves knew about this therapy at the right time and asked the doctor. For mild forms often enough to carry out maintenance therapy, strengthening its external salidroside ointments in the period of exacerbation».Anastasia Volianskaya:

«When I learned about the disease, the reaction itself was not — I didn’t know about her before. It happened at 16, I think. That the disease is not treated, brought the realization that this will have to fight. Always.

The most discomfort brings pain and itching, which create the same unpleasant effect, like a toothache.

With the advent of the illness my life has changed a lot. I became a loyal attitude towards people, their weaknesses and diseases. Consider my disease a good life lesson. In his personal life is not affected. My husband loves me, and no one feels discomfort. But with employment, of course, there are problems. Due to unaesthetic appearance in the field of customer service work will not succeed (although, to be honest, just was not going).

Most people that I talk to know about this disease and understanding attitude. If someone does not like my disease — people are not needed in life. Psoriasis perfectly weeds out unnecessary people.

Those who first encountered the disease, I advise you not to panic and not to take it as the end of the world. To accept it as part of yourself.»


«As I learned about the disease? Oh, this whole Saga! Aunt is a doctor an excited voice told me that this is a terrible disease, it is not treated, it’s all over I came.

It was a year and a half ago. There were two plaques on the blade. They are still there, just grew in size. Also this year there are still a few plaques on the back and two on the hands, the wrists, the affected ears and affected the scalp.

The reaction of different people. A «notice», some have asked, «what’s that?». In the subway, I began to consider carefully: «what kind of sick rides here, not whether he infect us?» But to explain to people that psoriasis is not contagious, it was pretty easy, this was not a problem.

I treat his illness several courses of injections of B vitamins «Aevit», folic acid, ointments «Pickadoll and Minibar», tar soap, shampoo «Nizoral». But those who have faced this disease, advised not to believe the dermatologists and do not take hormonal creams that they can prescribe, for example, «Balearic» and «Skin cap». The risk is that psoriasis is a complex disease, and treatment must be individualized, because some people the hormones can only be worse. Better to be treated with all natural — for example, birch tar.

Can’t say that psoriasis is severely hampered me in life. Employment and communication, certainly not a hindrance. However, before the disease went to prostitutes, and now made a forced break — a little shy, will not drive?

In any case, it is important that there were plaques on the body available (convenient) to treat. For example, in the summer I walked around the house shirtless and smeared the whole «MAGNISIA».Roman Korneev:

«When I found out I had psoriasis, I was shocked and scared of ignorance is at least. The psoriasis I had before, appeared rarely and very quickly passed. And on an ongoing basis, I met with him in 20 years — when I visited the first time to a dermatologist.

When I found out that the disease is not treated, was very disappointed and shocked. At first I thought it was strange, but then I made peace with this idea.

In life the psoriasis does not bother me at all, in your personal life certainly. My girlfriend refers to «disease» is quite neutral. It is important that I recovered, only because it’s important to me. Psoriasis in no way affects our relationship, and her reaction was never negative. Even when you first meet she said: «It does not matter, I love you just the way you are.»

In the work, too: one never directly told me «we will not take because you have a strange rash on the hands.» I think it’s a very subtle point of aesthetics, and in rare cases it can affect the impression of the employer from the interview with a person who has psoriasis.

Maybe I’m lucky I met good people, or just not as much covered with psoriasis, but problems in communicating with people arose. Someone jokes, someone sympathizes with, but to ridicule and scorn never came.

Psoriasis is very much an effort on self-esteem, but if you do not give up the slack and treat it, then any discomfort will not. The main thing — not to relax, not to panic and not to give up just because you told the doctor that it is incurable. Though psoriasis is not curable, but remission is possible! The main thing — patience and a small material costs for medications.

I have lost all hope on science. The disease is almost never studied, and labs that are starting to do it very quickly closed, without even having to achieve a primary test».

The experience of our heroes can once again make sure that the talk about a healthy lifestyle is not an empty sound, and the neglect may come back to haunt them in such an unpleasant way. But most importantly — do not be ashamed of yourself, what you were not. Even with this illness can lead a quite normal lifestyle.

Note, none of our heroes cannot hide their disease well psoriasis and psoriasis, there are things much worse. So don’t be shy people with flaky red spots — they are not the least bit different from you and me. And we once again can recommend to more carefully monitor their health and not to point fingers at those who are even slightly different from you.

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