How not to screw up, speaking publicly got a huge presentation at the conference or other similar event. But a week before the «x hours» you panic, the tongue sticks to the larynx, you Wake up at night from screaming and my hands are sweating like the back of Buffalo in the July heat.

How to cope with this kind of adrenaline rush and not to embarrass myself in front of the boss? There are some tips, easy and effective.


Training comes first in this list. No need to explain that you need to be well versed in the subject of your report or presentation. Ask an innocent friend to listen to something he knows absolutely nothing about, but you’ll practice it and practice. This is the key to successful performance. Try to use every opportunity to speak publicly. According to statistics, successful enough to make 5-10 times that fear of the unknown is gone.

Tripeiros it in advance in front of the mirror. Thoughtful rate of speech, facial expression, where to put your hands. Can also record yourself on tape or on camera and listen to what the obvious flaws in the speech, «cut the ears». Slow down and don’t mumble. The optimal rate of speech for comprehension by the audience of 120 words per minute.

Ideally, visit the training for public speaking.


Give up perfectionism. Striving for perfection is great, but a lot of people are afraid of public speaking because of the fear to make a mistake, say something or shut up, bathed in cold sweat. But this anxiety and increases such risk.

Ask yourself «what will happen if I make a mistake or get stuck?» It is unlikely you will be fired the sky will not fall on your shoulders, Cthulhu rises from the deep sea to look you in the eye reproachful look. In any case, to please everyone you will fail. Take it for granted and do not worry.


Meet on clothes, but still don’t need to run after designer clothes to impress all the abyss of their taste, style and beauty. Enough, your clothes and shoes do not make you any discomfort and do not distract your attention. You should look neat and feel comfortable.


Before the show put your hands in a natural position at your sides or slightly bent in elbows, pressed to a little body. Don’t cross your arms on your chest and not keep them in pockets.

Take some object, for example, a folder record, a pen or notebook, but don’t start periodic juggling these things. One hand should always be free.

If the alarm is growing more and more, Hiking on the «stage», show graphic or the illustrated plan, come up with a reason for applause and poaplodirovat along with the audience. No untrained jokes on which only laughs your girlfriend or mom.


Take any, even a negative experience as excellent training and valuable experience. After all, the more you just will not admit such errors, and it makes you one step closer to perfection.


Try to analyze the audience before which to perform. If possible, meet the place of your speech. Establish eye contact with those who you think like you. It’s a great psychological support.


And of course, rest well and get some sleep before the performance. Your bags and pale complexion, will not only add to your charm. Do morning exercises, to slightly reduce the level of adrenaline in the blood, which is causing this excitement.

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